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okay I’m hearing a roll for DriveJacob yeah did you know BMW was the mostsearched and viewed make on Kijiji Ithink I know why[Laughter] 2018 BMW 440 I xDrive M design andperformance and performance yeah thishas the M Performance Package that’s whyit sounds she good was it superformancein M design and performance is forperformance and designs

for looks okaymakes sense yeah I just wanted to putthat out there for you guys now for me Iknow yeah I knew obviously he knowseverything it’s kind of like the MiniCooper but different but BMWyeah actually BMW you know thedifference between the Mini Cooperpoppin exhaust and the BMW poppinexhaust is I got a few ideas but whatare yours this sounds like a rocket shipyes and it only pretty much pops superhard when you’re ripping it yes it doesthe JCW would just pop pop pop pop whenyou just wrap the

most disappointingthing that happens to you in this car iswhen the exhaust isn’t crackle ondownshift sometimes yeah sometimes andI’m so upset when that happens I lovehow this car sounds straight-6 so youget that nice straight-6 sound which isclassic BMW with the turbo and thatempower exhaust and performance exhaustbecause we have the empower kit as wellbecause there’s a package on here arethe packages confusing the packages arequite confusing actually because thisdoes not have the m

brakes it doesn’tlook like it does but it does have the Mexhaust which is the M PerformancePackage too so I thought you would haveto get the M package one but it doesn’tlook like you do because we also don’thave the in package one wheels but itdoesn’t matter because this is fast thiscar is fast it’s so fast320 horsepower for the base but this hasthe M power kit so 355 horsepower and316this feels way faster than that doesfeel like that because xDriveall-wheel-drive launches you so hardeven in a wet yeah like way harder thanI thought it would the package costtwenty nine hundred dollars again worthevery penny you get a BMW factorywarranty you get a BMW

tune you get aBMW valved exhaust because if you put itin regular comfort mode then it doesn’tmake that sound so you don’t piss anyoneoff but I like to piss everyone offbecause sport mode yes poor boy thenSport Plus just turns off traction yesthere’s no actual difference like trackmode it’s just traction off and then youcan also hold the button to get fulltraction off yes which is a lot of funit is supposed but you don’t need to usethat because you just need to use sportmode for the exhaust you have to leavethis car in sport mode you have to youdo this is the only car I’ve driven allwinter with

the windows down yeah yeahme too so I could hear it the whole timeyep every single tunnel every time sodriving around I downshifted all thetime one side downshift beside a cop andI felt like I was breaking the law butthis is all factory so I wasn’t I waslike am I gonna get a ticket for anexhaust or like gunshots because that’swhat it sounds like well I was driving Ihad a Benz CLA come up to me and rap popbattle me really who woncome on yeah I know he’s like oh I gotan aftermarket tune and it pops alrightI’m like okay I’m like let me try aquarter here we godownshift into cliche all this

handlesgood so predictable hello say I have somuch confidenceyes iving this BMW yes it’s like themost confidence inspiring thing ever drywet turn red floor it and I know what’sgonna do feel good about it there’s likejust the right amount of balance it’s sogood it’s not under Stalin’s really likethis car okay back to the stats oh yeahsorry sorry this is a automatic yes butyou can get a stick shift yes this is an8-speed being in a six-speed the shifteryou can shift paddles or you can shiftto the left up and down down is up up isdown and I would call this lightningquick lightning quick very fast I lovethis transmission what I also like isthere’s a kick down button you know ifyou

floor it while drivingit’ll downeven into first even for manual modewhile you’re flying yes if you hit thekickdown button even when you’re inmanual mode yeah and this has so muchtorque down low it’s just like there’sthere’s pretty much no turbo lag yeahand you know they just hit so hard itknows everything he knows what you wantyeah so we’re like I understand whypeople don’t buy manuals I understandwhy they’re stopping to do that yeah soyou know you always ask me does this carhangers just enough or not too much yeahjust enough perfect perfect can I justsend it in the cliche

corner once morepleaseyeah descending it just be careful I’malways carefulI mean Dearing feels good it’s reallylight at first but it’s a little heavieras you go into it it’s reallypredictable would you rather take thison turns or would you rather a straightline through tunnels straight linesstraight line through tunnel yeah Iactually went out of my way to findtunnels just so I can hear this anythingin tunnels it’s just it’s so good isthat tunnel hunting what I love aboutBMW is that you can actually buy allthese optional parts like you just yeahI wanted an exhaust done yeah I want atunedone just pay and it’s all factorywarranty that’s really cool for

acompany to do that so BMW and Mercedesis BMW a little more enthusiast driven Ithink so or purist enthusiast definitelypurist yeah because you can still getmanuals yeah that’s a big thing and youcan get factory tunes whereas AMG isjust like here’s an AMG you want thebetter one you can get a better AMG noproblem even in this like these gaugeslook pretty simple these are upgradedbought driving yeah exactlylike it everything is just there ohthat’s a good car here you this is areally good I know I like a lot I thinkmy favorite BMW is the goldish yellow m4was that Phoenix yellow I

don’t know oneI don’t know what it’s called but Iliked that one the mostlet me just downshift a little bit moreoh so good I think I need a cigarettethat’s cigarette smoke exactly that’show good this isI don’t think I’ve talked about this inany other car but I feel like thechassis is well sorted in this car Icannot comment on that I’m not even sureif I can but this thing is so responsiveif there’s pretty much no body roll andit just turns on a dime like it’s justso well sorted I think you need tofinally experience this I haveexperience it’s my favorite but now it’stime to put it down on video and let’ssee how many of these are on Kijiji do you understand why BMWs

themost-searched if you make on Kijiji yeahyeah I think I get it yeah you talkedabout the driving yes now I want to talkabout the things I do and don’t likeokay there’s things you don’t likeyeah camera whines satellite radioreally yeah but the Mini Cooper youcould but it’s a similar infotainmentthis is I Drive so a little bit upsetokay we got this dial and stuff thatworks really well it does you know whatdoesn’t work well tell me Android autobecause it doesn’t have it it only hasapple carplay that’s an option as wellcome on BMW like that’s right give meAndroid auto Android

there’s no reasonfor them not to okay speaking of drivinga Beemer you get a lot less respect onthe road from other cars yeah I thoughtit was a myth no no no Bullock actuallycut you off a driver yeah yeah I got cutoff by please we’ll die wait BMW so I’mgonna say that’s true yeah I’m gonnahave a little bit more respect for BMWdrivers on the road you know why whybecause they see those beautifuladaptive LED headlights for fifteenhundred dollars okay okay you like themI don’t care that they’re adaptive Ijust like how that look it’s hard not tolike a BMW headlights yeah and thetaillights are really

good too yesnothing too special but like they’rejust generally good exactly this is amid-cycle refresh so everything’s kindof new all around like new bumpers newgrilles that kind of stuff the hoodlines are amazing yeah a little scoopsin the bumper the grooves on the rearbumper yeah the body line down the sidethat goes right into the tail light likeI love I love the shape of this car thisis perfecttwo-door BMW shape yes they do make afour-door 4 Series yes the Gran Coupe ahowever the 4 Series is pretty much thetwo-

door 3 Series yes so now there’sthree four five six seven and there’sabout to be an eight okay so the fourlooks the best I think yeah the mostperfect proportions yeah I loveeverything about the look of this it’sreally wide and stocky looking morecomplaints okayyou don’t have your gear selection inyour heads-up display but you have aheads-up display but you know if

yourgear selection no and this shifter isn’tas nice as the Mini Cooper shifter inthe JCW hey I know you have somecomplaints but just give me a downshiftjust a little bit of a downshift youknow what the downshift doesn’t do itfor me you know it does it for me whatits timing letting off the gas rightwhen you’re entering a tunnel yeah okayso here’s my formula for it you come upto that tunnel to see it you see ityou’ll floor it and the second you getinto that tunnel let off and then wrapup boom pop upI do like how

there’s a sport mode forlike Sport Automatic yes even thoughit’s also the manual thing yes so itjust blips the throttle a little bitmore yeah yeah and the steering inchanges and all that kind of stuff we dohave a bunch of different modes which isgreat don’t ever use Eco Pro ever what Ido also like is the steering wheel yeahit feels great area good yeah it doesyou got a little em badge not a DJ butyeah Harman Kardon system yes that’spart of a big package as well this hasthe enhanced Premium Package for $6,000yo it get a lot of stuff that you thinkyou’d need it’s like it’s like I saidfor the Mercedes

you got an option yourcar’s out your German cars as a luxurycar you have to option it out you sendit a little bit into cliche for usso so good oh yeah I’d like to thinkthat’s not a track yeah this would besuper fun on the track I said earlierhow I want to blast through tunnels butI kind of want to try some turns what ifthere was a track with tunnels yeah yepso I got that the suspension overpotholes is it just absorbs it like it’sstiff but it’s not to the

point of likehurting you we should talk about thisinterior a little bit more wiser testvisor test let’s see I haven’t testedthis yet you 100 Jerry the white Germansare not into the visor no BMW come onguys wow this has a $1,500 driverassistance package Lane keep assist yeslights about monitoring yes what I dolike about that is if someone’s in yourblind spot and you signal the steeringwheel will vibrate yeah which is prettycoolwe also do have adaptive cruise as wellbut lane keep is not active yeah it’s alittle warnings yes you don’t want tofocus and drive that’s right what arethe few cars yeah

you want to actuallylike go for a drive in go for a drive gofor a drive I actually did go out of myway to go for a drive in this car dude Idrove the whole time I went through halfa tank I know you listen a day yeah ifyou don’t drive like we are right nowit’s pretty good but you can’t not driveit like we are right nowI will not test the efficiency of thiscar yeah sorry guys sorry to whoever hasto do thatthis probably tickles your fancy what doyou think of all these textures in theinterior I really like this quilted

oneobviously it’s soft touch I kind of likethis carbon one silver carbon fiber yeahthere is a lot of stuff touch everywherewe got more carbon down in the main areain the shifter it’s very appropriate fora fast car yeah I love the two doors Ilove two doors so much yeah coops arenice the bass coupe ace on a scale of 1to go for a drive how much do you likethis car if I was baby driver I wouldchoose this so go for a drive if I wasthe Bandit I would choose this to blockit for the truck really imagine tryingto run from cops in thisyou’d probably get away pretty easilyyeah this black with a bird on the

hoodeven with a bird on the hoodeastbound down load them up and truck ityour singing is a little too good with amacho for that YouTube copyright did wealready do this once yeah I forgot thebest part of this car what the exhaustis the best part no no no the secondbest I guess sorry when you open thedoor it’s got a little thing that bringsyou the seat belt yes thank you forputting that in almost forgotyes you know what I don’t like I haveone minor complaint shoot this buttonright here why because this is your

reardefrost but you’d think it would be thisone because it’s by your heated seat butthat’s the front defrost and they lookvery similarwell this one’s square and this one’sangled so that’s what I’m saying youlook at it really quickly you get usedto it in about half a second no my firsttime you look at it you’re like oh don’tbuy this car anymore that complaint justsent it over the top can you just giveme a little bit more exhaust again andthen I’ll just think about thatcomplaint again oh my god where’s thenearest hospital this man has whiplashwho needs room to frost anyways buy thiscar actually speaking of the price wehaven’t mentioned that yet how muchit starts at fifty eight thousanddollars and this one is just under 80 Ifound it a little tricky to find theexact options on the BMW website alittle bit tricky not as easy as theMercedes website to look up options yesyou know how I’d option this car howbase-model $58,000 that’s with xDrive soyou don’t have to get xDrive you can getrear-wheel drive you can get manual andyou can still get the exhaust that’s howI would do it no I think that’s a verygood idea yeah don’t forget to subscribeand how would you guys option it outhow would you yeah in the Cobell fourmonths you guys been asking how tosupport us so we finally caved and we’vemade a patreon yes check it out there’ssome cool rewards it’s pretty much therejust so we can continue doing this andnot run out of money yeah so that theBox test doesn’t become us living in abox the box test doesn’t become cribsyeah check it out I’m Yuri I’m Jacobwe’re going for a drive don’t forget my scribe subscribe rightnow subscribe we didn’t even we didn’tdo that

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