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this is a Bentley Mulsanne speed asidefrom the rolls-royce phantom it is thesingle most expensive sedan you can buytoday this one has a sticker price ofthree hundred and seventy five thousanddollars it cost as much as threeMercedes s-class Azure 14 Toyota Camryand today I’m going to show you why I’veborrowed this most on here in theWashington DC area from Bentley ofTyson’s Corner who have graciouslyloaned it to me even though it’s worthtwice as much as the average home in theUnited States but just wait until yousee why first I’m going to take youaround I’m going to show you all of thecrazy luxury car features that thisthing has and then I’m going to get itout on the road to find out exactly howa three hundred and seventy fivethousand dollar car drives and of coursefor more of my thoughts click

the linkbelow to read my column onautotrader.com slash oversteernow I’m going to start it back becausethat’s where all of the coolest stuff isyou open the door and you’re immediatelyconfronted by an unbelievable level ofequipment and attention to detailfor example the base model Honda Accordhas four speakers in the entire car theBentley Mulsanne has three speakers injust one rear door now if you want thewindow up you can of course put thewindow up if you want some extra privacypush the window button again and thesunshade come in now here’s the reallycrazy part there’s not just a sunshadeover the rear window but there’s alittle sunshade over this tiny secondarywindow now another thing you’ll noticein the doors is that there are twowindow controls back here that’s becauseyou can control both your window and thewindow on the other side from eitherrear seat you’ll also notice in the reardoor that there is a memory button we’llget back to that in a second now whenyou get in the back seat the first thingthat you notice is you have a littlestorage area here just like you’re in anairplane and the airplane this continuesbecause you have a tray

tableBentley calls it a picnic table but thisisn’t some cokesairline flight this is first-class Iknow that because I push this littlebutton and the screen rises from theback of the front seat now there’s ascreen in there because this car comeswith a tablet that you attach to thisbut when the screen is not present yousee the Bentley logo emblazoned in theplastic when I’m done with my movie andmy picnic I put away my screen and mytray table and I start to notice theother unbelievable features in back forexample the rear Center control thereare three different locations for air toblast on to backseat passengers yourhead your middle section and your feetjust like as if you were sitting in thefront and with the rear controls you cancontrol exactly where the air comes fromof course you can also control your owntemperature and because this car hasquad zone climate control the personsitting on the other side can controltheir temperature too and it’s not justthe climate control you can affect youcan also move the seat now in your caryou might be able to slide the rear seatforward a little bitin this car I press a button and theentire rear seat moves I can also pressa button to control my lumbar supportand a button to control the backrest nowthe craziest thing about the backrest isit isn’t just the headrest that moves infact the entire rear part of the seatmoves forward and it can go all the wayup in case I want to read something ortype something while I’m drivingalthough

if I want to take a nap I putit right back and mmm that feels so niceof course what would a rear seat in thecar like this be if it didn’t have amassaging function this is that – I’venow pressed it to complete my rear seatexperience I reach up to the ceilingpush a button and then the rear sunshadecloses so now I’m sitting in a Sunshaded massage cocoon as I drive downthe road but this rear seat is forpleadian this is the rear seat where youreally want to be because I push alittle button and I can control thefront passenger seatI want more legroom suddenly the frontpassenger is getting robbed of hislegroom if I want more room for my kneesI can push a different button and thenthe backrest goes forward and now I canlie down all at the expense of the frontpassenger but who really cares about himanyway so the rear seat is an incredibleplace to be but those are all of itsobvious features you get into the littledetails and you start to understand whythis car is truly so expensive forexample this little light there’s aswitch or button you push to just runyour hand over it and it’s on you wantto turn off you run your hand over itagain incredibleanother great detail you want to hang upyour coat there’s a little hanger hereof course wrapped in leather

but there’salso a dedicated coat hanger up herefinished in beautiful brushed silverspeaking of things wrapped in leatherand incredible attention to detail yousee this leather perforated pouch behindme that’s a speaker you want yourcigarette lighter it’s in this littlecompartment open it up and it isensconced in leather and even thoughthis is something that most people willnever use and nobodywe’ll ever notice the hinges arebeautiful polished silver so you’resitting in the back enjoying a nicepicnic and watching a movie on yourscreen and you decide you want abeverage you can do that just open upthe real cup holder storage area andyou’ll find that the cup holders aremovable you can set it on your picnictable or if you don’t want them in frontof you there’s a little hook you can putthe cup holder in so that you can reachdown and grab it when you’re done withyour drink just unhook the cup holderput it back in the storage area and nowit’s gone you don’t have to deal with itanymore now in back you’ll find thatthere’s no trunk latch where you’dexpect it to be so how exactly you getinto the bentley mulsanne trunk that’sright you push the winged be has thereever been anything this opulent inhistory little spawns trunk is exactlyas big as you’d expect given a car atsize but the trunk has a few corks ofits own for example the ceiling of thetrunk lid is carpeted of course thetrunk itself is also carpeting myfavorite part is the floor is carpetedlift that up to reveal more carpeting inother words the trunk has carpeting

toprotect your carpeting that is a trueluxury car now under the hood things arepretty normal except to the fact thatthe engine includes a little plaque thatshows the engine number and theproduction location and the name of theguy who built this thing it’s kind ofweird but I like that because it meanswe know who to blame if something goeswrong another cool most on detail thatwould be the headlight washers watchthisnow your get in the front seat of thiscar and you’ll immediately notice thesame insane level of features andequipment as you have in the backstarting with the soft closed doorsdon’t close your door all the way that’sokayBentley you’ll do it for you now in thefront seat most of the mph ons crazyinteresting features and quirks arefound in its infotainment system here’sone cool feature like all cars this onehas a camera system with multiple anglesthere straight back here’s rear sidesthat’s no big dealthe cool thing is this one also has acamera that looks side to side in thefront the hood of this car is so long ifyou’re coming up to make a right turn onred you can’t necessarily see what’scoming so you push that button and thecamera looks to the side for you so thatyou can tell the infotainment systemalso lets you change the character ofthe engine the air suspension and thesteering my favorite part

is when youget into these menus you find you havethree options Comfort Sport and bitlyanother option you have in theinfotainment system under lighting andvisibility you can set the cars lightingunder the heating and climate tab you’llfind a lot of different optionsincluding footwell temperature click itin you can set the temperature of thefoot well apparently now within theBentley assist systems menu you have abunch of different options but mypersonal favorite is the one that letsyou set the brightness on the Blind SpotAssist system you can choose to have itbrighter or less bright can’t do that atany other car here’s another interestingfeature in the servicing and checkssection of the infotainment system youcan actually place the wipers in theservice position but beyond theinfotainment system there are also a fewweird features and quirks here and therefor example the window switches in anormal car you can lock the windows soyour passengers can’t roll them down inthis car you can lock individual windowsthat you’re choosing if one rearpassenger is being annoying and theother one is being fine you can justlock out the annoying one from rollingdown his or herthe air vent there’s a little slider youmove over to an X and a Bentley if youwant air to stop coming out you justpush the vents closed this littlecompartment in the middle only justlarge enough for your phone finished inleather so your phone has a luxuriousarea to hang out in while you’re drivingif you find that your seat belt heightis a little too low or a little too highthere’s no fumbling with some stupidplastic latch just push a button locateddown here and the seat belt willautomatically raise or lower at yourwhim another cool mph on feature you canraise the ride height using thesuspension system I’m not sure whyalthough the internet says Bentley didthis for rough roads in the Indianmarket but the crazy thing is just howhigh it raises I don’t know the exactfigure but I’ve measured it here and Ithink it’s about seven seven and a halfinches that’s more ground clearance thana Toyota rev or so this car has a lot ofamazing luxury features but it doesn’tstop there the base price on this car isthree hundred

and thirty five thousanddollars but this one is three hundredand seventy five thousand dollars whichmeans it has 40 thousand dollars inoptions now I have the window stickerpulled up here on my phone and some ofthese options include the comfortspecification now the window stickerdoesn’t say what this is but it doesn’tthat it costs four thousand eighthundred and sixty dollars those interiorpicnic tables for the rear seats yeahthose are twenty seven hundred bucksand those little interior tablets arepart of the Bentley theater packagewhich is eleven thousand three hundredand thirty five dollars I once bought aused BMW m3 for less than the cost of acouple of Bentley interior tablets andthen there’s the color you might thinkthis car is white but here you are sadlymistakenthis is glacier white and it’s one offourteen colors in the whites andyellows section of Bentley’s websiteother White’s include white satin whitesand Old English white glacier white andArctica you think that’s funny there aresixteen silvers one of them is calledMoonbeam so we know the mph on is acrazy luxury car with crazy luxury carfeatures and crazya luxury car pricing but what aboutunder here well this is a mph on speedwhich is apparently a trim level it usesa twin turbocharged v8 that makes 530horsepower and 810 pound-feet of

torquethe result is 0 to 60 in around 5seconds even though this thing weighs6,000 pounds think about that 0 to 60 in5 seconds in a vehicle that weighs asmuch as a Chevy Tahoe plus a zebraokay we’re driving the Bentley Mulsannesteering is actually very nicelyweighted very impressive I thought I’dbe like super light and comfortable andI’m know like feel this heavy not thehair regenerationthat is crazy so as I said you justoutlet I realized I mind a for pickupLexus this is the next five there’sseven cars around us we’re probablyworks better than everything one ofthose parts put together one of thethings you notice the moment you get itis helping credibly long put it and yousee to the end of the hood you see thisgiant get these hood ornament I alreadyfeel better than everybody else’s Roadeven though my car I wantedthis car weighs 6,000 pounds I canhandle like a sports car but thesteering feel is really nice it’stremendously control in I do not believethe 6,000 pound artillery setback Idon’t think I’ve ever been so surprisedby consolation finding is I looked it upbeforehand how bass was so I knew it wasgoing to be too fat and then I’m stillcompletely blown away by how fast thingswere pretty well there’s less body rollthan I was expectingor the other amazing things in this caris the redline is 4,500 rpm and the tackonly goes up to 5,000 at the end like adiesel cost the engine is never reallyworking all that hard part is justunbelievably serene you can hear nothingat a subway nothing not only can I nothear the engine which is fairly standardI can’t hear anything going on around methe thing about this car is it has stuffthat you as a normal person don’t thinkabout this car is luxury on a level thatpeople watch the histogram so it can’treally be worth that much it’s not thatniceit’s a level beyond any standard oncerequirement

that you’ve ever been inthem you can the sound of the sunroofopening into sight more elegant thanother cars to displace leather onleather sliding though visiting the campwill not even use a motor only thingsinvolving because it’s the only way tomake people patron I think I’ve got notfour o’clock you have to just make everylittle detail that much better than forpity’s man anybody advises Marcusand it really does an amazing jobactually they can his car fuel that muchbetter than okay so we’ve discovered somethinginteresting about the Bentley Mulsanneit’s surprisingly fun to drive and asfast as a sports car it’s more luxuriousand more opulent than anything from BMWand mercedes-benz and it is moreequipment than those cars – you can buya sports car or you can buy a luxury carbut if you want something that combinesboth along with every possible opulenthigh-end detail you can imagine plussome that you probably can’t you’ll haveto pay big money for it how much myguess is around three hundred andseventy five thousand dollars

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