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this is the new Bentley Continental GTnow the old guard a bit of a reputationfor being driven by people who whotended to play with these things for alivingand this do you want it may end up beingthe same because if you’ve got lots ofmoney and he wants something that’sreally cool and stylish and fast you’regonna go for this now I love the designof this car so it’s just so cool thesecreases the chrome detailing the widehaunches here at the back now somepeople who’ve seen it say I’m not sosure about the rear but I love it I likethe way these lights match the exhaustand it’s just all kind of sleek andsquat and strong there at the front yougot a beautiful grill this car isstunning the guy who designed this hascreated a masterpiece it’s for me asbeautiful as any constable so yeah I’mnot talking policemen obvious

I’mtalking art guys booking art now thiscar it’s not cheap date starts from justunder 160,000 pounds now if you know ofanyone who’s looking to buy a new carclick on the pop-out bearing the topright hand corner of the screen or onthe link below the video because you canrefer them to car WA and if they buy acar through us we’ll give you a 50 poundAmazon gift card as you’d imagine theinside of this car is just gorgeousgorgeous gorgeousno the particular car I’ve got here hasgot almost 50,000 pounds worth ofoptions on it and 34,000 pounds of thatis the first edition specification andthat’s signified by this little numberone with the Union Jack there up on thedash so it includes stuff like theMelina Pat which includes like diamondquilting the car also has the knurlingon the air vents and on various of thebits and pieces such as the little organstops it’s just feel quality I meaneverything is

just lovely there’s ametal effect for all the switches andthings like the door handles areactually solid metal I love it in hereI really do then there’s attention todetail such as the way the vents matchup to this metal strip that goes all theway around the cabin I mean that isreally pleasing my OCD there issomething that normally wouldn’t forinstance the stitching up on here doesme Anderssonwhat I can forgive it that actually whyit’s because this is hand Stitch now ifthis done by robots I’d want it deadstraight but the fact that it isslightly wonky it’s kind of lets youknow that it’s been done by a manobviously if it’d been a Japanese personthey’d probably did it dead straight butthat’s British that’s what we’re like inEngland and it’s a bit like JohnLennon’s voice the fact that it’simperfect is what makes it so perfectand the leather quality throughout usjust lush it’s so supersoftit’s got like a boutique tailored feelto it there are a few things I’m not sosure about though so you’ve got digitaldolls in this car and they’re reallyfunctional and I like what they’ve donewith them they look almost real the waythey’ve got like a 3d effect partly justwants old fashioned analog dials butthere is great functionality with thisso you can do things like look at thethe sat-nav make it go widescreenconnect your phone look through variousfunctions and yeah it’s all good andthen there’s the wide screeninfotainment display

which it’s okay touse it you can tell it’s based on thesystem used by Audi for some reason theytried to personalize it make it a bitmore Bentley but it’s it’s actually notas easy to use now if you click on thepop-out button the top right hand cornerthe screen or the link below the videoyou can actually see my full in-depthreview of the infotainment system nowthat brings me onto something elsebecause there are a few parts in herethat you will find in other VW productsa such as these switches on the steeringwheel a bit like those you get in a golfnow German may complain about that butthe fact is someone who buys his car hasnever been anywhere near a golf northeir friends denne golf they know isplayed at st. Andrews or Pebble Beachso it’s functionally works doesn’treally matter that it doesn’t feel cheapin fact all the switches with the metaleffect like I say it’s just gosh it’slovely so when the switch is down herethey’re nice and laid there but therecan be a bit confusing to use whenyou’re driving but you can feel your wayaround them okay and there is a decentamount of storage in here so they’ve gothuge door bins which is handy for yourbottle of water down here there’s thespecial storage area which I imaginecould be used for your cigars but Idon’t have any Cubans so I’m having touse a Troy white marker to illustratethat there is a bit of storage in herebut the glovebox isn’t the largest andit’s okayyou can put your expensive leathergloves in there’s a bit

more storageinto there and this guy actually has awireless charging point for your mobilephone and then under here there’s somereally deep cup holders I mean look atthat look at the way that opens I meanthe quality in here is just impeccableyou know all the wood just feels greatand even the speaker covers for thisupgraded name audio system which by theway is so loudthe bass is thumping it’s almost likethunder it’s so good that feels gloriouseverything you touch and feel isglorious however what’s it like forpeople in the back this is supposed tobe a four-seater kupe so come on yesthat will slide out the way goodshouldn’t have to do anything manuallyin its Bentley also the door there youget soft clothes and it’s got thislittle seat belt Butler there so youdon’t have to reach for your own beltnow I’m just gonna put the seat backI’ve never been in the rear of this carbefore let’s see what it’s like he’sgonna cross my legs no just about goenough me room foot space is a littlebit tight and the seat is rather deep soit’s actually pressing against my car soit’s not the most comfy back here

andhead rooms tight as well though my headis touching this beautiful leather rooflining annoyingly they’ve got product inmy head it’s gonna end up leaving bodystayed on there these seats are gorgeousyou’ve got your own rear windows as wellwhich is nice it’s a bit of fresh air inthere’s some storage and cupholdersunder here you’ve got 12 volt socketyou’ve got charging point for yourmobile phoneyou’ve even got some freeloading if youwant to carry skis in the back and lookat this this is a bit unusual neverheard that before normally this would behidden just but yes I could probablysell that on eBay for about 500 poundsnow let’s check out the boot becausethis is quite a big car but I don’treckon it’s got the biggest boot I thinkyou know it’s a sporty coupe eh but it’sdecent enough in size I mean look atthat you can fit a large suitcase andthere is a bit of a lip delicious stuffover but to stop you scratching yourpaintwork there is a scuff plate here Ithink it might be plastic but it lookslike metal and I’ll forgive it becausequality in the boot here is really goodeven the carpets here a thick they’realmost as thick as in the front andcheck this out for the 12 volt socketit’s damped now the thing with this bootis that they’re designed it to be wideenough to take a set of golf clubs lookgolf clubs fit quite easily now if youwant more detail on this card’spracticar I’d say click on the pop-outbat in the top right hand corner of thescreen you’d be able to see just howmuch

stuff you can fit in this cars bootand some other things as well howeverthis car isn’t all perfect here’s fiveannoying things about it this steeringwheel looks super lovely I really likethe large Bentley logo seems posh shamethen because they have to write air backso big that beneath it I bagged thesurrounds for these parking sensors justlook all they don’t even fit properlythere for some reason you can’t get theBentley Continental GT with Android autowhat is that because Android phones areas good as iPhones I think not becausethe new Galaxy S 9 is definitely betterthan an iPhone 10 discuss in thecomments box belowI love the shiny grille just looksexpensive shame there that the rest ofthe vents a cheap plastic mesh kind ofthing that you find on a budget act backwhen you’re driving the light reflectsin this shiny strip but it catches thecorner of your eye on your voice itisn’t in the vehicle just in your blindspot don’t worry there’s still plenty tolike about this car is the car y5 coolfeatures the head-up display is reallybig and bright and very useful whileyou’re driving you can show things likethe directions from the satellitenavigation your speed and the actualspeed limit when you put the rearspoiler up manually it shows that you’vedone that on a little graphic on thecars display just kind of cool Iabsolutely love the look of the lightsthey’ve been designed to look likediamonds and maybe they’re justSwarovski crystals there’s a big reasonit definitely diamonds digital display alittle bit too modern for you don’tworry you can turn back time by

rotatingthe screen around there’s some analogdials and then when you turn the car offhe’ll all just flick away and revealjust a nice clean simple wooden surfacethese are the biggest iron brake discson any production car they’re 420millimeters in diameter so no wonder itstopped so well now it’s time to hit theroad to see what this car isto drive how fast can a car which weighs2.2 turnsactually be well we’re gonna find outcuz I’ve got some special timingequipment up there I’m gonna launch thisBentley crikeythis is nuts this is very very very veryfast Wow WowI’ve got to hand it to the brakes firstof all I mean they you slammed on theanchors that’s good news the brakes aregood but what about the performance whoothe standing quarter time is elevenpoint seven seconds I’m gonna check outthe nought-60 as well it’s supposed todo it in 3.7 seconds but what did I get3.6 seconds this is rapid so then why isthis car so bloomin quick well that’sbecause

underneath the bonnet is a6-litre w12 twin turbocharged petrolengine with 635 horsepower and 900Newton meters of torque and I love thisengine it is so powerful there’ssomething almost geological to it in theway there’s it’s relentless and it makesthe noiseour opting volcano it is so good nowthere is a small matter of economy inthe missions which yeah they’re notgreat they’re not great but I’m actuallyaveraging 22 miles per gallon now thatcould be quite expensive but if you canafford this car you don’t care aboutthat what’s more important is how faryou can go between fuel stops and thisguy’s a big petrol taxi with thateconomy I could go about 450 milesbetween having to pull up and rubshoulders with normal people at a petrolstation yeah I can twist a dial downhere and put everything in comfort modeand it softens off the air suspensionand then does a throttle response makesthis steering a bit lighter and yeahit’s all wofully and relaxing and comfythe best mode though is a specialBentley mode which is the best of bothworlds between sportiness and comfortyeah you chuck it into a corner and itsomehow grips and goes round forinstance on a twisty road now and it’ssurprisingly good you see this newContinental GT seems to just continuejust holding its line whereas the oldone would have kind of just run out oftalent and started to wobble off theroad it is genuinely good

fun when youget the opportunity to throw a perfectthat’s a bit wrong doing this it’s a bitlike driving the British Museum reallyfast down the road you can do with totalconfidence in the four-wheel drivesystem just grips and grips and gripsit’s really really impressive and youcan send loads of power to the back Imean it is rear drive bias so it feelssportyit’s it’s not quite as agile assuminglike Ferrari GTC for less so but I thinkit’s nicer inside but I could live likethis I what a car actually a verycritical there is something I don’t likeabout the driving experience and that’sthe rear visibility which is kind ofletterbox like that’s the best way todescribe it is there anything else Idon’t likeNo now if you click on the pop up out inthe top right hand corner of the screenon the link below the video you can geta kawaii calm to see how much you cansave on a new car so they wants my finalverdict on the Bentley Continental GTshould you avoid it should you considerit should you shortlist it or should youjust go right ahead and buy it welldinner Wi-Fi wooden the lottery or if Iwas a football player I’d buy itI love this car I really do man it’sepic if you enjoyed this video pleaselike it comment on it and share it alsoclick on our logo to subscribe to thischannel and if you click on the bottomright hand corner you can actually watchmore of our content meanwhile click overto the right to go to add deals page tosee how much money you can save on a newcar a car Wow now did he spot the EasterEgg in this video it was the Continentalchocolate in the cars glove box

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