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with America’s love for SUVs not goinganywhere anytime soonone segment that has been a particularinterest for the enthusiasts is theperformance crossover now DS been at theforefront of this marketplace with theintroduction of the sq5 back in 2014 andthis week I’m testing out the all-newsecond-generation sq5 while it may notlook that differentit sports an all-new turbocharged v6with the company’s patented Quattroall-wheel drive so is this the perfectvehicle for the enthusiast who has to goto an SUV that’s what we’re here to findout so I was a big fan of the originalsq5 when I was introduced back in 2014 Iever showed you guys an actual fullreview but I thought it was a reallyinteresting performance crossover nowthe q5 is actually Howdy’s best-sellingmodel the company consistently movesover 5,000 units every year it out sellseven the a4 so an S q5 is a reallyimportant model for the brand and youcan see this second generation reallydoesn’t

look all that different than thefirst generation it’s kind of been aproblem with a lot of Audis today’stheir design language is kind of takinga more evolutionary approach some of youmay like that some of you may wish thatAudi would take a little bit more designyou know risk here but you can seelooking at the front end it has thetraditional outtie design statementshereit’s got like a platinum satin finishedgrille designating that it’s an S q5you’ll have an S q5 badge in the grilleyou have full LED headlights that arestandard on all the sq5 s my prestigemodel is basically just thetop-of-the-line model there’s either thePremium Plus or the prestigehowdy got rid of the fog lights on thisgeneration q5 but you do have parkingsensors and you have a 360 camera systembut I mean overall it kind of looks likea smaller version of the q7 SUV whichisn’t really a bad thing it kind oftakes more of like a wagon hot hatchlook as opposed to the

traditionalcrossover sense now looking over aroundthe sides here you can see my tester hasthese optional 21 inch wheels they lookfantastic it’s like part of a 1500 hourof charge to get these wheels they’rewrapped in 255 series rubber my testeralso has red painted brake calipersthat’s part of the s-line sport packagethat gives you an air suspension nowthat air suspension is a first for thesq5 it gives you the ability to racethis car the cars ground clearance fromeither 5 inches on the lowest settingall the way up to 9 inches in theoff-road which is off-road much wit modewhich is what I have it’s set in set inright now now size wise this isn’treally any bigger than the old modelAudi says they stretch the wheelbase byabout an half inch it’s about an inchlonger overall but you really wouldn’ttell this is honestly just

the rightsize for a lot of consumers out therelooking for a family vehicle that don’tneed a third row now if you want tofollow me over to the rear of thevehicle it also takes a veryevolutionary approach again you havevery similar looking taillights as theprevious model I honestly have to squintsuper hard to see any dentbut you do have the new dynamic turnsignals where they’re kind of you knowflash in sequence of the direction thatyou’re turning and then down here is themost controversy with the sq5 you havefake exhaust tips now usually I’m notgonna give them too much flak becauseyou know there’ll be a hole here but youcan see there’s a plastic piece here theexhaust is actually underneath here butdespite the fact that it’s fake itactually does sound goodI just kind of wish that they gave usthe more traditional you know do a quadoutlet exhaust if that was always adifferentiating factor of a nest a nestmodel but

overall it’s a nice lookingvehicle a little bit on the safe sideespecially in this gray color but Ithink I should age well I think a lot ofbuyers should be pleased with theoverall look like all the other neweraudi products that I’ve shown you thesq5 has the newer Audi key there’s evenan S badge on it to designate that youhave the special model model it hassmart key access system with push-buttonstart if you lock the doors it has anice little beep the mirror is alsoelectrically fold if you have it set tothat but because you have this smart keyall you have to do is keep the key fobon you and then there’s a littleindentation here where you can lock thedoor it’ll beep again or if you want tounlock it the door handle she opens fromthe upper part just touch the back ofthe handle and then it flips off andthen you can open the door now lookingat the inside of my particular testeryou can see I have the upgraded napaleather with the diamond quilting it’s avery impressive

looking seat they lookexpensive they also hug you there reallynicely equipped if you want the heatedand cooled function that my tester doesnot have you are gonna lose the diamondquilting instead you’ll just haveperforated leather so that’s kind of adisappointment and if you want somethinga little bit more brighter like a redleather you cannot get cooled seats ifyou want cooled seats you’re kind oflimited to a black interior which is alittle bit disappointing but you can seemy tester also has a really nice-lookinginterior it’s very familiar if you guysknow the latest outtie products I havean optional carbon fiber trim here forlike a thousand bucks I think which doeslook pretty nice especially in thisparticular combination now steppinginside the sq5 has a really easytraditional SUV step in height again Ihave it set to its automatic settingwhich gives you around 7 inches ofground clearance then when you shut thedoor it sounds nice and solid

typical ofan Audi product now when you I want tostart the vehicle up all you have to dois put your foot on the brake and thenpush the starter button which is downhere lined with a red outlinehere on the sq5 to start it up now themirrors will automatically open up asyou can see and the engine this enginehonestly is super exciting especiallyfor an SUV it makes all the actualburble and crackle noises which isdefinitely really nice especially whenyou’re driving a vehicle that’s sittingup this high now you can see theinterior it’s very familiar with all theother newer addy products that I’veshown you updated dashboard designversus the a4 and a5 that I also justshowed you this is the all-new interiorof the q5 which is just a completeupgrade from the previous generationespecially technology wise you can seeyou have the virtual cockpit display theS smalls have a unique display when youpush this View button here you can seeit goes to the

Trishna view that I’veshown you guys before and then push theView button again it gives you the techfriends Center which is really nice nowlooking at the rest the interior qualitythis is where howdy kind of isn’t reallya class leader anymore whereas if youlook at a new mercedes product you havenice stitching on the dash on the doorpanels now he just goes with a softtouch you know injection molded piecehere on the dash which is you knowdefinitely nice but it’s not really wowfactor like you know some of the othercompetitors I do like the carbon fibertrim here it’s a worthy upgrade here ifyou guys want it for a thousand bucksyou could you do get aluminum or woodavailable if you want that down hereit’s actually hard touch plastic sothat’s a little bit disappointingespecially on the glove compartment thisis an Audi product I wasn’t expectingthat on the door panels and is also asofter touch plastic although it doesfeel kind of hard againI wish how decoy stitch it in leatherwhat they did stitching leather is

righthere on the armrests when you guys getthe fine nappa leather interior sothat’s definitely expected I also likethe sway that they put on the door panelhere the mirror controls are here thewindows were one touch automatic for allfour kind of expected that again this isan Audi product here on the door handlehere is also aluminum you’ve two-personmemory seats now looking at the staringwall this is specific to the sq5 it’s areally nice steering wheel flat bottomdesign I like I can actually put my handhere because this is big you know openportion here which is somehow somepeople like to drive you have paddleshifters that are plastic there mount onthe wheel although they do have a nicefeel to them when you actually usethem the virtual cockpit display if youguys want to change the view you can seeI can put the you know GPS navigableearth map system

there if you want abigger view just push the View button onthe steering wheel here it’ll give youto the huge view for the Google Earthmap which is really nice that’s a verytrademark Audi virtual cockpit lookingat the rest of the center stacker youcan see Android auto and apple carplaythat is standard on all sq5 models whichis definitely nice it’s not atouchscreen here so don’t be puttingyour fingerprints all over that insteadyou want to use the touchpad here or youwant to use the clicky the the wheelwhich honestly has a really nicesatisfying click to the Audi MMIinterface you can see here going back tothe regular display this is the homescreen of the Audi MMI display it’sreally nice this vehicle also has theAudi Drive select which is includedthere’s several different modesindividual is where you can customizeyou know how you want this the vehiclesteering the suspension

the exhaust tobe I actually have it in dynamic mode alot or if you want this vehicle becauseit has the air suspension put into alift off-road mode and it’ll actuallyJack the suspension up to about nineinches of ground clearance which isridiculous you have a commanding view ofthe road in a performance SUV if you putsome decent tires you couldtheoretically take this off-road which Idon’t think I would want to but downhere you can see you have dual zoneautomatic climate control you have three3-way heated seats if you guys get thecooled seat function the button will behere but because I don’t have it it’sjust a blank space when you have the youknow climate control system on it’s allvery easy to use I like the touchsensitive you know toggles here whichare really nice it kind of makes it popup whenever you touch that it’s all youknow really high-quality everything inhere fits really nicely everything has asatisfying click whenever you use

thethe buttons and start touching the knobsnow you can see down here you can seethis is the newest version of Audi MMIdisplay it’s got a handwriting pad herewhen you’re inputting your GPSdestination you have your presets herethere’s eight different preset functionsthat are on that little pad there whichis definitely nice the MMI is controlledagain from you know different quadrantsyou can see here you have your you knowtypical shortcut buttons here radiomedia nav multimedia telephone all thatstuff and then when you if you want youcan put the GPS navigation up there andyou can have it up here for two screenswhich is just cool not really necessarybut againhowdy does a really good job with theirinterface love andit’s one of the bests in the businessnow this controls the ZF sourced eachspeed automatic transmission it is thisnewer electronic shifter which does takea little bit of getting used to youalways want to push this button here toengage a gear Park is engaged by pushingthis button here when you put thevehicle into

reverse you do have a 360camera system that my tester has becauseit’s a prestige you can see thatresolution quality is excellent you havea top-down view you have front and rearparking sensors although this vehicledoes not automatically parallel parkitself you also have an electronicparking brake here surprisingly there’sno brake hold function which is kind ofstrange I wasn’t really expecting thatbut the shifter does take some gettingused to you do have a manual mode hereyou can also get back here and goes intoa sports setting and whenever you guyshave it in its dynamic settings or ifyou have it in the individual modes overhere you have your volume controls youcan also skip a track or change yourstation from that little little littleknob which honestly feels reallysatisfying to use there’s a nice littleportion here where you can put yoursmartphone or some change

there’s somecup holders here which are a little biton the small side this armrest hereadjust up and down or you can move themforward when you lift it up here there’ssome storage here this tray slidesforward and back you can put lots ofstuff here your two USB ports and an auxport or here this is somebody howdyfinally got rid of their stupidproprietary MMI interface which was inthe dashboard of the previous generationyou can see speaking of the glovecompartment here it’s huge it’s linedwith feltit’s damped it’s a good size you candefinitely put some good stuff in thereand then my tester is standard with apanoramic sunroof which is gigantic ithas a power retractable sunshade in caseyou guys don’t want all that Sun beatingdown on you but you can see there lovethe panel sunroof love the interior Icould

use upgraded materials just tokind of go in line with what mercedes isdoing but I think most of you are gonnaget in this – interior and be superwowed with the level of technology thatout of these stuffs in this cabinbecause this is a family car the rearseat is equally important if you guysare gonna be considering one of thesenow it’s actually a pretty good now Audiwas able to increase the space herebecause of that wheel base stretch youcan see the opening to get in is alittle bit larger and the rear seatactually does some nice tricks itactually has a lever here where you cankind of adjust the angle of the seatback and you can also move the seatforward and back so it has a small levelofadjustability however I don’t know whyyou’d want the seat all the way forwardyou wouldn’t be eating into the legroomhere now when you step inside the rearseat you can see I’m pretty short butit’s a pretty good amount of space I’monly five foot seven but there’s lots offoot space

here I have good Headroom Ihave good knee room there’s two mappublic pockets right here and then Audigives you a couple of features in hereyou have rear seat air vents and thenyour own set of climate controls I don’tsee heated rear seats I don’t see anysun shades but you do have a nice viewfrom the panoramic sunroof here and youhave a armas that folds down with somecupholders to give you a little bit morecomfort really this is just for twopeople for three would be a little bitmore cramped so in the past the v60badge on an sq5 really actually didn’tmean anything because it had asupercharged v6 this however now has aturbocharged v6 so it actually does meansomething now the under the hood is thebiggest differentiating factor betweenan S model and your neighbor’sgarden-variety q5 and when you lift upthe hood you have a very nice-lookingengine bay covered with plastic but it’sa 3 liter v6 the same displacement asthe old model and if you want a 6cylinder in your q5 you have to go foran SQ 5 it is now single turbo it’s asingle turbo engine not a twin turbo butit does have a twin scroll design andit’s kind of nestled into the V bankangle so it’s a hot V to kind ofmitigate lag now it still makes the samepower 354 horsepower and 369 pound-feetof torque about 23 more pound feet oftorque versus the old model and it’salso available out of from like 1,500all the way up to 5,000 rpm so it’s amuch broader torque curve now it allgoes out through the same transmissionas last year a ZF source 8-speedautomatic one of the best transmissionsin the business this is a heavy SUVthough it still weighs around 4,400pounds so the Audi didn’t reduce theweight at all by by updating this modelnow fuel economy did improve it’s nowrated at 19 City 24 highway about a tompg improvement please put premium gasin and it has about an 18 and 1/2 gallongas tank but let’s get out on the roadand see how it all performs so usually Idon’t get too excited to drive an SUVhowever the sq5 has always been one ofmy favorite crossovers in the segmentnot just because it’s got a reallyballsy engine but it’s also kind of thewell-rounded package I mean if you hadto get an SUV and youlike fast cars you’re used to driving asports car this is the one that youprobably want to take a look at now myfirst impressions initially driving thiscar are really positiveit has a very car like feel and althoughyou know you have a higher seatingposition there are times where I forgotI was driving an SUV but for the primaryprimary portion of this test run I’mgoing to leave it in its dynamic settingbecause you guys I know want to see howthis thing drives and you knowvisibility in here is really good thesteering is really light it’s reallysmooth and you just have an immediatesense of quality when you first get intothis vehicle oh my godso my tester being that it has the sportdifferential I can immediately feel itworking when I you know floored at nightit took that right you can feel themechanical limited slip diff kind ofpushing the power to the outside rearwheel to kind of rotate you around thecorner and that’s reallywhat makes this car so special it’s anincredibly fun to drive car SUV even Imean I forget that I’m driving an SUVwhen I’m driving this thing it’s amazingand it has those nice little burbles andcrackles and farting noises from theexhaust that is just fantastic I’mimpressed oh my god this is such a riot and the8-speed automatic this is a ZFtransmission one of the best in thebusiness now I do notice that when youhave it in its regular drive mode it canbe a little bit sleepy at times I don’tknow if it’s the turbo lag from the sixwhich honestly shouldn’t have any it’s ahot V but sometimes I noticed I have toput it into its sports setting to reallykind of get rid of the lag entirely it’sa little bit slow to react initially agrowl tip and when you first dip intothe gas now howdy says this car will get to 60in about five point one seconds it feelsabout righthonestly it’s it isn’t any faster thanthe previous supercharged v6 so that’skind of a disappointment what I do feelis though is plenty of torque I meanthis has a really strong surge of torqueit’s got a fat torque curve from like1,400 to like 5,000 rpm where the enginejust kind of shoves you back in the seatand the sq5 is not a light SUV thisthing is heavy it’s like 4,500 pounds soyou do feel that weight when you startattacking some corners now then thesteering also has that traditional howdynumbness I would highly recommend tryingthe dynamic steering which is a $1000option my tester doesn’t have it so Ican’t comment if it’s any better or notbut even then the sport its sharpestsetting right now I do find the steeringwhile it is quick for an SUV it justdoesn’t let me know what the front tiresare doing so it doesn’t really give methe confidence to kind of go attackthese twisty roads you know in a muchmore frantic manner like I would in likea sports name for example but the ridequality is very good it’s got thatadjustable air suspension even it’sstiffest setting I could daily drive itin this and it’s perfectly fine but ifyou guys want it to be a little softerit does have a comfort setting whichwill make it even smoother if you guyshave a spouse that doesn’t really likestiff riding vehicles but I mean overallthe only thing my tester is missing justis full suite of driver assistance youdo have howdy presense basic andpresense city so it will automaticallyhit the brakes for you if you’re gonnacrash at low speeds but if you guys wantthe full suite of driver assistance techyou have to go for a driver assistancepackage it’s like another $2,000 only onthe prestige trim that my tester ismissing I kind of wish howdymade it available on other trims it’skind of annoying that you have to go tothe highest trim to get itthis is just incredible honestly this isthe perfect amount of speed I believefor most enthusiasts I mean sure is thatroom for howdy to do like an RF skew vwith like 450 horsepower absolutely butreally this is gonna be the perfectamount of you know the perfect blend ofspeed of comfort of utility ofperformance for a lot of buyers andthat’s where the sq5 kind of just hitsthe sweet spot it’s just a reallyincredibly well-rounded car now let’stalk a lot about the gas mileage becauseAudi did improve it slightly for thisgeneration it’s rated at 1924 and I’veactually been averaging about nineteenpoint two in my weeks worth of drivingon the highway I got it up to about justunder twenty four twenty three pointeight is what the trip computer showedit’s right on the money it could bebetter but again I just personally liketo get my foot into it because it makessome really nice noises from the exhaustso I imagine those of you who have alittle bit more restraint could getbetter gas mileage this is pretty muchon par with the rest of the segment butI mean overall I’ve only really had thisto compare driven the GLC 43 MercedesI’ve driven the Jaguar FPS I’ve driventhe BMW x4 40 I which again all of themare very similar in terms of theiroutputs and they all make for incrediblywell rounded cars where the Audi reallyshines for me is in the interior and thetechnology and just the user interfacebut it would be a really hard choicebetween this and the Mercedes you reallyneed to try test driving both butoverall I think this is definitely oneof the best family crossovers it’s justthe right size has the perfect blend ofpower and speed and unless a lot of youknow features in it that’ll make a lotof buyers happy especially if you canafford this price tag so althoughcrossovers are extremely popular here inthe US you guys may know that I’mpersonally not the biggest fan of themhowever after spending a week with theall-new sq5 I have to admit this is oneof the crossovers I would personallyconsider for myself the others beingmaybe the Mercedes AMG TLC 43 or theJaguar F pace which I showed you guys afull review on last year now the S q5 isdefinitely one impressive vehicle as youguys saw the interior is very tech heavyyet it has high-quality materials it’scomfortable its roomy it’s spacious ithasAndroid auto and carplay which is veryimportant for the Millennials whoactually do want to buy these things nowthe driving dynamics are also reallyfantastic it’s very quick it has reallynice burbles and crackles from theexhaust it’s got a smooth transmissionit’s fast it’s quiet it’s comfortablemean this is seriously you know the kindof vehicle that the enthusiast is gonnawant to replace their sedan or theircoupe if they guys if you guys actuallyhave to get you know a vehicle with sometrunk space and summer seat space thatbrings me to the final aspect of the sq5the price and this is where this carwill have some sticker shock especiallyfor those younger buyers this car startsat around fifty five thousand dollarswhich is about $12,000 more than astandard q5 now my tester being theprestige is a little bit more expensiveit’s about forty two hundred dollars toadd the prestige package where you getthe virtual cockpit display navigationupgraded sound system my tester has acouple of options on it the SportPackage for a few thousand dollars thefine nappa leather seats the big 21 inchwheels the colours like 600 bucks all inmy testers is stickering for aneye-watering sixty five thousand eighthundred dollars now that is going to bea lot of sticker shock especially ifAudi wants to actually attract someyounger buyers but considering the factthat the sq5 has been doing well forthem since they introduced it I imaginea lot of you who can afford this kind ofa car are gonna be putting this one atthe top of your list but anyways I hopeyou guys have enjoyed my full overviewon this 2018 out es q5 if you’re alsolooking to see latest cars I’m testingmake sure you follow me on instagram atred line underscore reviews like us onfacebook and government done so pleasesubscribe to the red line of youtubechannel for all the latest reviewsthanks so much for watching guys I’llcatch you all in the next videoI have to say this is one of the SUVs Iwould personally consider owning myselfwhen I guys when I reviewed the Jaguaroh sorry maybe[Laughter]

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