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change that view to haveyour tach in the center and nav and wecan use that to scroll through all ofwhat we just saw on a smaller screenchange the view again to full screennavigation and then we can go back toview all of those again and then usingthe drive select button on the left sidewe can go between individual comfortauto and dynamic and then additionallyon the v10 plus there’s another buttonfor your performance settings and youcan go betweenwet or snow so you have that additionthat’s not offered on the standard v10and again this features these steeringwheel mounted paddle shifters have anice aluminum accent finish to them onthe left side of the steering wheel isthe headlight switch more carbon-fiberrunning along the center gage setupthere’s another piece that wraps all theway around the center – and all the waydown to the inside more leather up onthe center – along with one speaker twoair vents with carbon fiber trim piecearound them they have a nice floatingdesign to them with your fan speed onthe left

side temperature in the centerand then where you’d like the air to goon the right side along with defrosteris underneath them both seats are heatedso you have those controls on eitherside below that you can retract thisstorage space there’s two USBs in a12-volt and a good amount of storagespace again with your traction controlhazard switch and parking sensors behindthat take a look at the shifter nowwe’re going to go ahead and start up thevehicle to put it into reverse go aheadand push on the side of it push it allthe way up you’ll see your backup cameraline up right in the center and thelines will turn with the steering wheelas well we can go ahead and put it intoDrive you can shift by placing this overto the right side put it back into thecenter and hit the P on the back thatwill put it into park on the right sideis the volume control for the radio morecontrols for the center screen

with yourmenu and back button rotary dial in thecenter that you can also click on aswell with your navigation and radioabove that electronic parking brake isbehind that on either side of the centerconsole you can push to open up the topit reveals two cupholders we’ll take alook at the glovebox storage space youhave a good amount of room down theretake another look at the beautiful blackleather seats this has an Alcantara likematerial running along the wholeheadliner and then we’ll take a quicklook at the back storage space behindthe seats a little bit of net for morestorage and the rear out of the backlooking at that v10 now we’ll go aheadand take a look at the front space andwe can either hold the center button onthe key fob or use the button on thedriver’s side door again very easy towalk up to the vehicle there’s a latchthat you can pull so there’s no guessingyou can see a nice handle right there sonot too much space upfront but fromexperience

you can fit a camera bag uphere a couple backpacks or two for twopeople packing lightyou can use this back for reference justto see how deep this compartment is withsome netting on both sides and up topfor anything else that you need so it isnice to have that storage space up frontalright guys so I’m getting to dosomething that I’ve been wanting to dosince I’ve reviewed the 2017 and that isI’m getting behind the wheel to takethis out on the road so we’re gonna putit into drive I’m gonna put it over intomanual mode already so I’m not able totake it on that long of a drive I’mgonna go ahead and put it into dynamicwe’re gonna put the exhaust into sportI’m gonna put the tack right and centerthat is a cool view to see so firstthing real quick I’ll go ahead and talkabout the visibility very similar to mycar I’m easily able to see out of thatrear glass there’s a little bit of ablind spot over the left and rightshoulder but the side mirrors are gonnado a great job to help you out there andthen the standard or the fixed wing inthe back is actually not that high so Ican easily see over that as well andjust sitting at the stoplight here verycom

fortable to be behind the wheel ofthis well let’s go ahead and get on thegas just a little bityou can hear those net exhaust podbetween chefsit is much quicker than my VA that’s forsure as about 200 more horsepower youcan hear pups and that exhaustthis is definitely quick just evengetting on it a quarter throttle reallyputs you back in the sea so talking about the handling andperformance right now using the driveselect button I’m going to go to comfortright now and you can feel the bumps inthe road ease up a good bit so it’s niceto have that option I’m going to put itback into dynamic because it’s just morefun that way it really stiffens up andyou can feel all the bumps in this roadfor sure it it’s pretty cool to see inthe v10 plus you get snow wet and dry soyou can configure this however you’dlike to drive so if you’re going to takethis out in the snow you have a settingto do that taking it around that turnperformed very well moving on to theoverall fit and finish

of this interiorit is spot-on everything is leather orcarbon fiber has a very nice Alcantaralike fabric on the headliner with areally cool diamond stitch paddock tomatch the seats the seats again hug youreally well the bolsters are fantasticon either side they’ll really hold youin place when you’re taking this out onthe back roads and then as far asinterior storage space goes comparingthis to my car the shelf in the backlooks to be a little bit deeper so youcan definitely fit a few more things inthere than I can or not roll them up astight and then the front storage spaceyou can definitely put two backpacks inthere you’d be packing light but there’sdefinitely a lot of interior storagespace for this car to be able to dailydrive this now we’re going to go aheadand take one last look from thepassenger side a very nice premiuminterior with the black napa leather andthe red stitching just gives it a nicefeel nice black leather as well verysimple looking center console

there’s astorage space again in the rear seatswith the fixed rear glass beautifulcarbon fiber so that is my walk-aroundreview and test drive of the 2018 outtier8 v10 plus huge huge shout out again toaudi greenville for providing me withthis supercar today I can’t thank themenough for this opportunity this is aphenomenal car I absolutely love it thepower and this is amazing and thetechnology performs just as well this isan awesome car I hope you guys enjoyedthis video today if you did be sure togive it a thumbs up smash that subscribebutton I will see you guys next video

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