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With this decent „movie style” intro I wanted to create the feeling of courier feeling,concerning the fact that I am sitting in a car that was promoted by nobody else than the courier, or the Transporter.But Jason Statham can envy me one thing,and that is the fact that I am sitting in a new, the fourth generation of Audi s4 which was being perfected in Ingolstadt by Audi for a long period of time, so we will have a good look at it in this video.Audi would proudly describe its new generation with four words:shift, shape, space and sense, and I have the honour to show them all to you.As the first thing, we have here the Shift section, or in all the features connected with the drive, or the ride.

The essential information in that there is 3-litre TDI under the hood of this car and Audi if moving towards a new name,so in the spirit of all the changes it carries the name 50 TDI.If you are interested why have Audi done it this way, you can read the article on my web, or blog.To tell the truth, there is nothing hidden behind the number 50,only the thing that i tis an engine that will have the power of approximately 210 to 230 kW,so every engine in this range will carry the name 50.In my case that is 3-litre TDI that has exactly 210 kW / 286 PS and 600 N.m and I will admit,that I did not care about V8, because the engine is completely enough and I am satisfied with and it would be just enough for me even though V8 is V8.However, it is true that the sound is much rawer and in certain moments reminds me of 4-cylinder,so when it comes to the refinement it is not as great as it is in the S-class, where they killed it with the new V6,but really, if every car with the basic engine had this dynamics and consumption, the world would be a better place.Moreover, the acceleration to the 100 km/h of the basic model

under 6 seconds speaks for itselfand the acceleration looks something like this:I have nothing to say to the 8-speed Tiptronic that is basically the only possibility,you do not even know that there is any type of gearbox working because the gearing is very smooth.Important information is the fact that s4 is mild-hybrid, so the part of the standard version is the 48 V network,while I have to highlight that unlike S-class, you have this network for diesel and gasoline engines,while the 48 V network is main and primary and supplies the energy to the 12 V network, which is quite unique.48 V network doped by lithium-ion accumulator that powers the starting generator that is connected by slotted belt to the crankshaft.s4 then can in ideal conditions in the range of 55 to 160 km/h glide without the engine,while the starting generator will wake it up after a significant gas pressing.The start-stop system can activate itself in 20km/h, while the starting generator will recuperate/recover the power while braking.The point?Hand showing the operating speed jumps a lot, but you get half a litre less of consumption.Unfortunately, this example is not built on the electromechanical chassis which counts on the electro engine on every wheel,which means in the end that this car really “irons” the inequalities on the road and jumps over retarders,so in the end I did not have that wow

effect whether it is the S-class, or 7-series or s4, the chassis are awesome,and the difference can be found only in some details, which usually cannot be noticed by an average person.So, I will give an A to the chassis, and I will put the star inside a boxand I will maybe take it out when I will experience the “electro” chassis, because I really have a high hope about that.s4 does not flow on the road as the S-class does, but it is not as sporty-stiff and hard as 7,because even in the Dynamic Mode it can really tilt.Audi stays faithful to a bit over-enhanced steering, so an average driver will appreciate that, an epicure will not be amazed.Personally, I think that the best thing about s4 is the possibility of the rotation of the back wheels,because for an additional fee you can have the all wheel drive, so you not only have Quattro here,which by the way is not the Quattro ultra, but also the rotation of all four wheels, which comes really handy when you have a limousine.The tilt is about 5 degrees in each way, there are two levels, up to 60 km/h the wheels back mirrors the front wheels,the rotation is opposite and over 60 km/h the rotation is the same, and I will tell you, that his feature is really doing it.In the city you would not say that you are sitting in a long limo.It all comes down to the number 11,8 metres,which is the radius of the rotation and that is really respectable number concerning the long limousine.Subsequently, on the highway, then you are about to outrun a car and you have to go to the left,you can really feel that you are basically going sideways,plus the dexterity in the turn you can feel that you are going faster even when it does not do that much but the 5 degrees is

enough,I will give this one a big thumbs up!The term shape is referring to the design, and that is really worth it.Yes, there is nothing revolutionary here, and there are many details that must be appreciated.I appreciate mainly the C-column which falls down kinda like in a coupé and it is a detail form the Prologue concept,and finally these epic looking connected back light.In the standard, you have full-LED technology, but if you will see these 4 segments,you will know that it is a OLED technology, that is in this car as well.These look very nicely and as you could see they will welcome you as well.I love that because of these unique lights you can recognize these car, because no other car has this.And for those of you that see resemblance with Renault, I only recommend getting your eyes checked, because I cannot help you with that.BTW, notice, that Audi does not care about exhausts anymore, so whether you have the classic packet or S-line,you will see only something like this.Nobody will be surprised by the fact that when I say that the new s4 grew in all ways, even in length it is 4 cm!And nobody will be surprised that we are the witnesses of a bigger, wider and squarer mask.One of the biggest highlights of the new generation are the lights, the HD Matrix-LED technology,they are full-LED, which are

seconded by lasers,but I have to tell you that in the case of the long-distance lights the lasers complement and second the LEDs,so they are not replaces, by which the long-distance lights can light into to distance of 600 metres.But as the careful eye sees, because I do not have the blue detail here, these are not the lights with lasers, because they are coming later.Interesting thing is, that because of the massive electrification and the necessity to make the bodywork firmer,the new s4 is approximately 50 kg heavier,but let’s be honest, it really looks thinner, more athletic and it does not have the clumsy look.Okay, have a more detailed look at the car,because my driver is here and so I can go to Elesko (local winery) to have some amazing wine.Because I didn’t have time to taste all the wine, I took one red one with me to the car to sip on, while I will do you a bit of a tour of the back part of s4.It is necessary to mention that there is a tablet like this, which is novelty, so you can through this device control the temperature,turn on the massages, heating or cooling of the seats and also the tilt.ou can do it manually her, even if you press this button and hold it will automatically tilt down, so there are many possibilities how to control the seatand for example I use the tablet to control the front seat,which I can tilt like that, that is a thing that we already know from the 7-series.Important thing is, that this is version long, so 13 cm longer wheelbase, but I do not have the version where you can put up your feet,where you can even heat your feet, which is also something new.In the tablet, you can find the control of the ambient backlight of the interior, and also the light Matrix, which is a very nice

feature.ou can turn the light to the full capacity, or individually, and then you can only by this touch move the ray of the light, and that is an awesome thing.You can read a book, focus the light only on your book and therefore the driver will not be bothered by the light.So that is really amazing thing.Subsequently there are blinds that can be pulled out wherever you want, so these things kinda seems like toys.Interesting thing, the tablet…As you may have already figured that out, the back part was to present you the section Space,but Audi focuses mainly on the last of the before mentioned terms and that is Sense,so new technologies in here and their interconnection.The new s4 with 41 assistance systems, which cooperate and work together with 360 degrees of radar circuit, sensors and for the first time a laser scanned,thanks to which, Audi claims, that this is the first serial car which was developed for highly automatized car ride.It is questionable what exactly “highly automatized car ride” means,but I like the fact that Audi calls it automatizes, not autonomous, which is a right way to call it.All of these technologies that are connected with the automatization are called Audi AI,but I do not have the button here, because we will see the technologies in full range in the upcoming months,

because everything depends on the legislation.We will move to the things that are in the car, and as you can see, the front part is completely new,really nothing stayed the same her and it is filled with technology, so let’s have a more detailed look.To be honest, I could dedicate a whole video to the dashboard, or to the front part of the interior,but I will do it briefly, so that this video would not be a boring movie.The first thing is the design, that I like very much, because you will not see the dashboard in the execution in any other car,for now, even though it’s true that A7 is inspired by this concept.In any way, completely new-designed horizontal line of the dashboard,very minimalistic design, the dashboard is low, plus if you turn off the and because it is set into a Black Panel,you have no idea that there even is any display, so the concept is well done.Subsequently I would mention the exhausts, that are opened closely as the engine starts, or you can do it manually.And they will start to close automatically.Nice detail.Finally, the use of aluminium, a lot of piano lacquer which is even on these levers.New steering wheel, which is really interesting and I have to highlight that Audi,as was presented to us on the summit, have made a steering wheel that is inspired by futuristic design,because if you will not think about the upper and the lower part, only this part,it looks like a

steering wheel from formula or some future vehicle and that was the purpose of Audi.So, this is some console and the wreath was made after.Subsequently, what I like very much is the handle.On one hand the massive aluminium detail, on other hand it does not work on the mechanical principle anymore,it is enough to push it very softly and it will automatically open the door.You have to get used to it, because when you open the door form the outside,you have to let them take their time, you cannot just jerk them.So that is only a matter of habit.Subsequently, let’s move to the most important things because the amount of them is overwhelming.Firstly, Audi Virtual Cockpit, or the 12,3” digital instruments.The concept is known from current models, it is renewed and the font is different and you can swich the mode to widescreen.Subsequently, these two displays, the upper 10,1” and the lower 8.6”. The upper one works with your touch,but you can imagine the responsiveness, so the 3D Touch, in apple vocabulary, so it does not only work with the touch but you can really push the button.To be honest, after a few days I have turned that off and I am using only the touch mode, because sometimes,when you have to do something fast, you cannot focus

on the fact that you either have to push, or only slightly touch the screen.It is a matter of habit and it depends on each one of us because you can customize the settings.Subsequently, the lower part, which is dedicated to air conditioning, so there are no longer the physical buttons.The setting of temperature, either by click or by pulling the slider,you can set up what you want.Heating, ventilation of the seats, heating of steering wheel and so on.What I really enjoy is the possibility, that if you choose navigation, and now you want to find something,the lower part will change to keyboard or a display where you can write.So, “M””A”You can even write the letters on each other. “R”, “T”, “I”, “N”Nice!This is one of the biggest advantages of these displays.And the camera looks like this, you have here the 3D view.Advantage is, in contrast with BMW, which has this view as well,but you have to move it there like this and the movement is not perfect,but here you only grab it and turn in it any way you want to.And that really got my attention.The disadvantage is, that the camera does not eject as the MB one

does,so when the weather is not nice, it can get dirty very quickly,but Audi came up with the feature that will clean the camera for you, and that is really awesome.In this car, this thing is a must-have.A cloth to clean the fingerprints, because there is piano lacquer everywhere, even on the levers and signals.Basically, when you use this car for a few days, and if you are as detail oriented as I am,this is going to drive you nuts, so you will need this to clean it.That is the disadvantage of touch screens.And you cannot do it any other way, so you only have to get used to it and I think that this is not only Audi’s problem.Another thing that bothers me.I am a bit disappointed with the graphics, concerning the quality and the size of them,it seems very simple and mundane to me, unlike the BMW or MB it seems as if they had forgotten to put the graphics card in here.There is no animation, no nice graphics, the size and quality of the displays would have deserved something better, more interesting.OK, the navigation looks alright, but this, this looks like the menu in Golf. Everything has different colour but no graphics.It seems kinda empty, very simple, I understand that it is a part of a flat design, but it really could get more life I would say.Plus, the displays are way too low.I thought that it would be much worse during the driving, but I got used to it,but it would be better if it was higher, but yes, the concept of the dashboard would not be working that way.For example, in BMW or MB the displays are higher everything can be seen in outskirts, here you have to look down.Of course, you have no physical turning wheel,so they had to put it lower so that people would not put they hands that high and that they would set everything up down here.The driving seat is a bit lower than in S-class.When I put the seat to the lowest position, I feel like I am drowning in the interior and the dashboard is surrounding me.I am very tall and I have to lift myself to see the right rear-mirror through the edge.Of course, normally, I would sit a bit higher,but the seat really feels like the 7-series more than the S-class, so it is more sporty and dynamic.I am not saying which is better or worse, I am just comparing the two.So, to sum it up, the interior is very well done, there are a lot of things that require a bit of “getting used to”and they are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I will admit that anyone who sat there was astonished by the interior.On the other hand, if we will not focus on a few details that are not 100% for me, I miss the luxurious feeling.The interior has progressed, but it is sterile for me. Yes, this is a dark configuration, the lighter one looks even betterbut still, when you sit in the S-class, you know that it is the S-class.The stitching of the leather, details, aluminium, really sterile.It is the question of preferences so I am not going to criticize it,I am saying that the interior is amazing, and if the new Audi’s are going to look like this, that is awesome, no doubt about that.And you will agree with me, that s4 was not very having it for the last few years,which was understandable considering that the car was old.The new generation however killed it with the progress and brought a lot of interesting things,so I am looking forward to seeing the competition and how the market will evolve.I am interested in the customer’s response to a car like this,because there are lots of new things here that Audi has brought to please their customers.

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