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what’s going on YouTube my name is BrentSimmons and if you’re new to my channelwe are in the lifted lifestyle warehousethis is the supplement and wellnessbrand that I own and something I do forfun on the side because I’m a huge carnerd car enthusiast as I buy and sellcars and so right now I happen to havethe Audi rs7 performance prestigeedition so it’s the 605 horsepowerEdition now in my opinion it is one ofthe craziest combinations of performancecomfort and luxury that’s on the marketright now so what we’re gonna do iswe’re gonna kind of go around the carexplain some of the features go out anddrive it explain the differentperformance things that has going andalso compare it to some of its closestcompetitors what we’ll do first is walkaround the outside of the car and I’llexplain some of the things that are onthe exterior so as we’re walking aroundthe outside of the car one of the firstthings that at least I noticed I thinkmost people notice are these wheelsthere’s 21 inch wheels

that only come onthe performance edition and they alsohave the ginormous ceramic brakes sothose are extremely important whenyou’re on a track or doing really highspeeds and you need to come to a stopquickly you’ll see that it has thecarbon fiber mirror caps I think thoselook really really clean there’s carbonfiber accents all over this cars youwill see and what I think really sets acar apart from it you know other carsthat are similar is when you have littledetails that all play togetherto really just make it special and Ithink they did a really good job on thiscar you’ll see as we go back around thelines of this car they did just it justdid such a good job in how sleek it isnow the biggest competitors for this carare the Mercedes CLS 63 and also the newBMW m5 now this car is actually a 2016so if you were to buy this new right nowit’s almost a hundred and fifty thousanddollars about 140 thousand based on whatoptions you have on there the new m5 isabout 110 and the CLS 63 it’s kind ofsimilar to this depending on whatoptions you can get you can get themdown in that one in the teens all theway up to one hundred and forty hundredfifty thousand depending on what you dowith it but again since this is a 2016this is

keeping up with if not beatingthe newest models of the carsjust listed and this is going to be ableto be purchased at a much lower pricethis car to me for what you’re gettingand especially if you’re buying it thisyear before not buying a brand-new onewhat you’re getting for the money isit’s pretty incredible so as we movearound to the back of the car you’ll seethis carbon fiber rear diffuser it looksreally really clean I love the littleaccidents that it has it really pops Ithink it looks great black finish tipsand the exhaust on this sounds great thedown shifts and the gargles are they’repretty incredible it’s actually when Itake someone for a ride in it’s one ofthe first things they notice now I’mgonna say this it’s not going to be thedown shifts of a Huracan or even the r8v10 plus which is made by obviously thesame manufacturer but it’s not reallysupposed to be it’s like the combinationit’s like you’re still getting thatperformance but it’s not overlyaggressive it’s it’s a high performancecar but yet it’s still classy so youhear it you know it’s there you know ithas 600 horsepower if you know your carsbut it’s not so loud and aggressive thatit almost takes away from what it’ssupposed to be if that makes sense thereare cameras and sensors all over thiscar and when

we get in I’ll show you onthe actual screen itself but somethingthat’s really cool is that the camerascan actually allow you to see on bothsides of the rear of the car not justdirectly behind you can switch betweenand toggle the views of directly behindout the two sides also the front as wemove up there you’ll see has camerasthat show like when you’re pulling up toa curb so you don’t hit the lip yourcarbon-fiber lip on a curb so you cansee that and it also shows out the sizeof the front as well so there’s sensorsand cameras everywhere pretty much allthe accents everything on here otherthan the carbon fiber are black so youhave the black here or the door handleseverything and I just like that it’sjust so clean it just it doesn’t haveanything random popping out and to methat can be a huge mistake reason whyI’m opening the door right now is we’renot going to get in yet I want to showyou the front of the car but these arethese soft close doors means you justset it on the hingeand it closed it’s on an own now from apersonal opinion is it a cool featureyes you see it on a lot of like Mercedesass classes things like that but thereason why I don’t really like it on myvehicles is you feel like an assholeevery time someone’s getting in and outof your car and you’re like don’t slammy doors because it’s not good

for it toslam them on those soft closed doors soyou have to be like just set it on thereand it’s just I don’t know I don’treally like it it’s a cool feature yesbut it’s not something that’s reallyimportant for me to have but it’s niceobviously you see the wheels again theyjust pops so much I think they lookincredible and if you’ll see theythere’s black inserts in different areasso it gives it that likethree-dimensional look and especiallywhen it’s moving it just it really looksclean as we move around to the front yousee the headlightsI think outtie does one of the best jobsabout how they you know shape theirheadlights aesthetically everything theway the lights look they just do such agood job with them you see more carbonfiber intakes there the black grillsthese huge intakes here in the front togreet increased air flow into the enginethere’s a clear bra on it right now whenI picked this car up in Utah there’s alittle mark from the rock on the clearbulb that can be easily fixed right nowif I was going to do anything so what Ido if you’ve seen any of my older videosthere’s not many car videos on there yetwhat we’re gonna start doing more ofthis because I sincerely I just I reallyenjoy this but if I was gonna doanything to this car right now I wouldblack out the Audi emblems I think thatwould look really clean just becauseeverything else is already black butwhat I was going with that is I used tohave an i8 that I wrappedNardo gray and originally I was planningon doing a wrap

with this but becauseI’m the reason why I’m not is because Ifeel like this car is for someone whowants to still use the four-door youknow hatchback that can fit will showyou the trunk in a little bit it can fitgolf clubs they can fit a bunch ofsuitcase you can take this on a roadtrip okay but then it also has thiscrazy performance side so I feel likeit’s the perfect car for a business manor woman that wants to be able to drivethis everyday but also wants thatperformance there when they need it so Ifelt like if II wrapped this a crazy color like a likea military matte green or you knowwhatever any other colors I was thinkingof doing it almost would limit theaudience and it wouldn’t appeal to theright person so that’s why I’m not doingit but the Nardo gray is a color that’sactually optional as a as a stock optionchoice and they do a blue so how do dodoes a couple pretty intense cool colorswithout having to wrap it so that’s whyI’m not doing that you’ll see it hasthese massive sensors here on both sidesand cameras throughout now that’sbecause it has a couple really coolfeatures one has the assist systembasically that it’s called out eAssist Imight be wrong but when you’re drivingand you’re not necessarily payingattention you’re texting or whateverlike you shouldn’t be and someone stopsin front of you the car

picks up on itand warns you and if you don’t pick upon it it stops on its own that’s a greatsafety feature but also it has theadaptive cruise control so you’re on aroad trip like I said you can set thaton the adaptive cruise control it’sgonna keep you the distance you setbetween the other cars and just makes aroad trip and much easier and moreenjoyableit also has sensors and I actuallylearned this when I was driving it backand it was the first time I’ve actuallyever had a car I didn’t even know aboutthis feature when you have your brightson it picks up on the lights in thedistance of another car and Auto dimsyour brights so you’re not flicking backand forth the entire sample overallaesthetically I think they did anawesome job with the car the lines arejust so smooth they’re so clean the wayeverything flows into the back at beinga hatchback normally I’m not really ahatchback fan but they did such a goodjob with this car I loved it you knoweven the way that the lines meet up withthe sunroof and it comes back down intothe back windshield it almost has theback end went in when the lights thetaillights are on it has a little bit ofthat Huracan feel to it and then whenyou see the hexagon seats and thedifferent things they did on the insideit’s almost like a sedan version it’snot but in my mind it kind of isso before you grill me in the commentsit’s just a personal opinion I could goon and on about the exterior features ofthis car how good it looks all thosekinds of things but I want to say plentyof time to go over everything that’s onthe interior show you guys the systemsand then the most fun part actuallydriving it in the performance side sobefore we do that thoughI just want to make one more commentabout the outside I already mentionedthe m5 and the CLS Mercedes in myopinion this is prettier the new m5 is agood-looking car the

CLS is agood-looking car I just think that theway this flows it just it just looks alittle bit betterin my opinion so let’s go ahead and jumpon the inside and I’ll start going oversome of the interior features with youalright so obviously now we’re on theinside of the car and I’m going to showyou guys some of my favorite featuresabout it now first of all the firstthing I love is these seats they remindme of the seats that are in a Huracan Ilove the pattern with the whitestitching it just looks so clean andthese seats are actually extremelycomfortable they have tons of differentlumbar support options you can pick fromto make it exactly the way you want thebolsters on the side are art sometimesand I know it’s kind of a problem for mebecause I’m a larger sized guy sometimesthey’re too tight like they’re toonarrow and it’s not comfortable for myback but these are wide enough and Ithink that they’re actually extremelycomfortable I think they did a reallygood job with the center console hereyou know it has it’s pretty cleanlooking I love the black accents in hereand everything because you can seethat’s carried throughout the car like Iwas talking about earlier you know thatcarbon-fiberstill here throughout the dash centerconsole a pretty nice sized compartmenthere actually for storage I know somepeople are

like obsessed with storagecompartments my wife is one of thosepeople first thing she looks at when weget in a car is all the differentstorage compartments to me that doesn’tmatter very much but some peopleabsolutely love it I guess when youthink about it over a car like thisthat’s still technically and every daycould be a family color storage isimportant it’s just the quality ofeverything all the materials they use inhere is just top-notch everything feelsso luxurious classy and like there’snothing cheap about it even the paddleshifters have such a nice click to themthey’re solid they have texture on theback so your fingers don’t slip off theyjust they did everything right they paidso much attention to detail having theRS and the top of the gear shifter theleather wrap on it with a perforatedleather with a stitching that matchesthe seats everything in here is fluentand they doan excellent job so I’m going to run youthrough the infotainment system a littlebit not too much because I want to getto long there’s a million things on herewe can do and I could show you buteverything is still done through thisknob here in the middle just like thatvery simple there are some shortcutbuttons that you can see there on thescreen go straight to the nav I’ll showyou that really quick I think this is socool because it is a actual satellitemap that to me is absolutely awesome andit’s also in the dash as well I don’tknow if it’ll let me right now oversitting here there it is right there aswell that’s so cool especially when

Iwas driving it back when I picked thecar up having that there and then alsoit has the heads-up display and puts themap in it you’re not gonna get lost yougot three maps if you get lost you haveno excuse you better not pull over andask for directions I don’t care who youarestart/stop button is right here I thinkthat’s a really cool location most thetime it’s on this side I actually havenot seen it on that side before and Iactually like it because someone like mewhen I’m sitting here that’s actuallyeasier than over here I don’t know Ijust like it it makes sense to methrow you through some of the othermedia options it still has bluetooththrough your phone all those kinds ofthings you can plug it in through aregular apple carplay pretty standardfor most cars today here’s somethingthat’s really cool and if you’re aperformance person there’s justsomething about having a speedometerthat reads 200 when you have 200 on thedash it just makes you feel fast I lovethat I think that’s really cool thatit’s there has the rs7 in the dash ithas the rev limiter lights so right nowbecause the engine is not warm enoughit’ll show red at about 5,500 rpms rightnow but as the engine warms up the redmoves down and allows you to hold yourrpms higher that’s awesome as well youknow if you know your car you’re youit’s your baby you’ve driven it enoughyou know where those those limits arebut again if you’re kind of a new driveryou’re not an expert you need a littlehelp from

thecomputer that does come in handy thatthat’s their here’s another really coolfeature and I actually figured this outright when I purchased the car because Iwas trying to put my address in to headhome instead of you can scroll throughhere and select the options if you wantor you can draw the letter you want ornumber right there on the pad so if Iwant to enter in a house number of afive I draw a five and there it is Ilove the doors on here things gonnastart yelling at us has the suede hereon the end search with the carbon fiberand has the Bose speaker system thespeaker system in here is absolutelyawesome even if you’re someone thatlikes a lot of bass you can go in hereand adjust it turn the bass up andthere’s plenty of bass without having toput a sub something like thataftermarket in there this button hereyou hit the car button and you can pickyour drive modes and we’ll show you moreof that when we start driving but youcan go into individual and set all thedifferent individual modes that you wantspecifically on how you want it to driveand it lets you get extremely detailedwith all these different things on howyou’d want it so this is great forsomebody who they still want reallyaggressive steering they want aggressiveacceleration they want the revs to holdbut they need a little bit more helpwhen it comes to controlling the carsetting this up individually so that waythe action controls not turned off andthat just makes it a little bit easierto drive when you’re

wanting to beaggressive you see that it has theQuattro badge in here that has theiconic howdy Quattro drive system it’s afour-wheel drive all-wheel drive systemnow it’s not that simple it’s much muchmore complicated in advance than that itactually picks up through its computerwhere the torque needs to be sent anddispersed according to what reading thetire is sending back to the computer soif you’re going around a turn and it’ssaying it needs to put more torque onthe inside or the outside tire it doesthat for you automatically enough goingover all the interior things here youknow there’s a lot of cool there’s ascreen there in the middle I showed youthe map there there’s tons of differentoptions you can go throughyour your phone the radio you know allthese things but that’s not why I wouldbuy this car I mean this cars cool it’scomfortable but that’s like a bonus thereason why I buy this car is because ofthe 605 horsepower there in it so let’sgo drive and we’ll show you what thisthing can do all right now that we’re inthe car and we’re driving I want to showyou guys the camera is I was telling youabout earlier so right now it is on therear but you can switch to the sideslike that there is a front view rear inthe back two corners as well that isI’ve never seen that beforeand then the overhead view is like alittle so you can see in your parttrying to park parallel park whatever ithelps you with that so we’re gonna drivearound a little bit we’ll start talkingabout performance

we were all the way upin North Scottsdale right now and thisis a spot where they’ll dealers aroundhere take you on test drives becausethere’s never any police officers aroundhere and I mean I’ve driven the Ferrarisall kinds of things I hear really fastbecause they always say there’s no copsfirst thing that happens when we get upthere is there’s a cop sitting back downa dirt road behind a tree just waitingfor someone like us to be making a carvideo and go by doing 150 miles an hourso we’re not going to do that this is a30 mile an hour street we’re going totake it easy for a little bit drivearound and see if he’s gone you diddrive away so but right now we’ll justgo over some of the basic things earlierwhen I showed you guys on the screenthat you can change back and forthbetween the different driving modes likedynamic comfort those things I’m tryingto think of words to explain to you whatit feels like when you switch between adynamic mode in two thenfor it is so incredible how you can bedriving extremely aggressively you knowwhen you’re in dynamic the suspensionturns up that tightens up the steeringis sharper the acceleration is much moreexaggerated the down shifts are moreexaggerated it’s just a much moreaggressive ride as soon as you switchinto comfort it’s like you’re driving ans-class Mercedes it’s crazy how from onebutton you feel like you’re going froman exotic sports car and the way that itfeels when you’re driving with thatpower and the the way the gears gothrough like just everything that it theway it feels the way it shifts and thenone button you feel like you’re in ans-class or I guess we’re now two peoplethey don’t get

mad in an a8 so thatwould be their version of it the new BMWm5 as I said earlier is one of theclosest competitors to this it also has600 horsepower the new East 63s Mercedesit also has 600 horsepower but here’sthe deal those are both brand new carsnow if you bought this brand new as wellit would be more expensive the sameamount of car for a lot less money andyou don’t have to pay sales tax inArizona when you buy private party sothose are a couple things to think aboutif you are in the market for one ofthese cars so we will show you under thehood but what’s lying under there is atwin-turbo v8 that produces 605horsepower and over 500 pound feet oftorque now let me do a little comparisonfor you the new Audi r8 v10 plus whichis outies elite supercar at this timehas about 610 horsepower I think it’s607 or it sits right around the same butthat’s a v10 that’s a naturallyaspirated v10 so the difference there ifyou’re new to cars is without any turboslike this one has is a twin-turbo v8those naturally aspirated v10 are thethrottle even though they’re doing muchbetter today with turbos or is less lagit’s still not going to be as sharp asquick as aactually aspirated v10 and on top ofthat the sound of that car is incrediblebecause I’ve had people say to mebecause when they know what the car isthey know what the engine is they’relike which one would you rather have butto me I don’t really feel like that’s afair comparison because if you’re in themarket for an art 8 this really isn’tthe car you’d also be comparing to it analright v10 plus would be more socompared to like a Lamborghini Huracanor a 911 Turbo S those are more closelycompared cars than this this is sounique so I don’t want to take anywaything anything

away from this but I dowant to say it’s not the v10 plus itdoesn’t sound like it it’s not as quickeven though it has the same kind ofhorsepower it’s just set up differentlythis is much more comfortable whenyou’re in the r8 and I drove the v10plus a couple months agoit’s still pretty comfortable but it’snothing like this he doesn’t even have acenter screen anymore like the Huracanthey did away with the center in ainfotainment center and put everythingbehind the dash this has both so whenyou have a cut you have passengersyou’re going on a trip there you’regonna want that center screen the v10plus is bought to be driven and that’sit to be just pure driving experienceand and this is is this is both sothat’s what it comes down to at the endof the day is what are you looking forare you looking for a supercar that’sgoing to be supercar every time youdrive it or do you want something likethis that could actually be a dailydriver I know it’s a little expensivebut if or a lot expensive but a lot ofpeople that can afford it would actuallyselect this as a daily driver and thenalso can have that performance therewhen they want it which is a prettyunique combination in my opinion there’stwo ways you can shift manually in thiscar there’s no clutch but the Tiptronicversion you can either use the paddleshifters or you can actually push thegear shift over to the side and shiftmanually that way as well in my opinionthat feels more like a manualthan paddle shifters paddle shifters areyou know both hands on the steeringwheel so I guess it’s technically saferand everything but you can’t reallyreplace the feeling of what a normalstick shift would be like withoutactually having a stick that you’reshifting with so that’s why I feel likeusing the gear shift when you pushedover over to the side is a lot closer toactually feeling like you’re

driving amanual then using paddle shifters butwhat you can also do is when we shiftinto dynamic which I’m going to do rightnow by selecting dynamic on the steeringwheelwe’re in dynamic now you can alreadyfeel it tighten up the exhaust note getslouder it opens up those exhaust noteseven though there’s only two onlythere’s two ginormous black finishedtips back there two of the valves areclosed when you’re in comfort so nowthat we’re in dynamic that’s open nowalso you can pull the gear shift towardsyou like this and shift into sport sonow we are in sport you’re gonna starthearing the gurgles the down shiftsthose pops of the exhaust which that ismy favorite thing about this car I am atheme for that sound I love that soundand whilst go from a stop right here Ihaven’t seen that cop we’ve drivenaround a few times and we’ll do a 0-60and we’re there that to me what youcan’t replace that feeling it’s the bestfeeling in the world going fastthat kind of acceleration that torquethat just that force pushing you backinto your seat you can hear those downshifts right now every time I left uplet off the gas on if you can hear thatespecially here we’ll go into in amanual mode and I’ll start shiftingdoing it myself it’ll just start poppingpretty much on demand the shifts are sosharp it’s so incredible the down shiftstoo and I will say this this issomething that if you’re an

enthusiastand you actually like using paddleshifters something that some colorsdon’t do a necessarily a very great jobon is the responsiveness all of theshifts with your paddle shifts this ispretty much instant you can’t reallybeat it just let poor hay out we’regonna docouple zero-to-sixty shots from theoutsidefly-by foreverwell once the police officer was kindenough to I think he knew he let us justkind of do our thing he drove away wewere able to get some of those drivingshots and that was a lot of fun I hopeyou guys enjoyed those but now we’reheading back to the warehouse and on theway back I kind of want to give you myfinal review of the car I don’t thinkit’s fair to review the car when you’recomparing it to other cars it’s likeyeah that’s a natural thing to do howdoes it add up and if you want to dothat this 2016 compared to pretty muchany other 2016 out there that’s

going tobe in its comparable class they don’tkeep up this wins hands down if you wantto compare this to the new versions ofthe m5 and the new Mercedes it’s alittle bit behind but then again youhave to spend more money to get thosebut what I like to do is I like to lookat when the manufacturer Audi set out tocreate this car what were they settingout to create and how good of a job didthey do at creating that now I thinkwhen how do you created this car theythought of the person in mind who wantsto be able to drive a car that’s anincredible luxury and comfort and allthe things that this car has but alsohave amazing performance when they wantit at their fingertips and to me theykilled it they did that theyaccomplished that perfectly with thiscar so if I had to give it a ratingscore I’m going to give it a 10 out of10 because it has all the performancethat you’d ever want from a car likethis and has all the comfort it has allthe little bells and whistles and insafety systems and an adaptive cruisecontrol and it looks incredible on theoutside while still being a hatchback soin my opinion they did it they did a 10out of 10understanding everybody’s going to havetheir own opinion their own bias towardscertain brands cars whatever and that’swhat’s awesome about it that’s what Ilove about cars is it doesn’tnecessarily have to be the fastest itdoesn’t necessarily have to be the moleexpensive or look a certain waydifferent people like different thingsand so you could love a car that no oneelse even likes that’s awesomeif you knew this channel I hope that youguys enjoyed this video and that you’llsubscribe we’re gonna be making a bunchmore videos like this do me a favorcomment down below what your favoritecar is and hopefully at some point we’llget to do a review video of that carI’m always looking online on CraigslistAutotrader cars comm for cars that wecan you know flip out of the warehouseand have some fun and make videos withso give me some ideas while leaving thatdown below i’m burnin simmons i hope youenjoyed this video and i hope that oneday your dream car becomes your own car

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