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the 2018 outie r8 v10 is an amazing blend of performance and luxury somepeople deem it a supercar that’s asuperstar others deem it a dream machinelet’s take a look at it and see what youthink as far as performance is concernedthe bass r8 comes with a 5.2 liter 40valve dual overhead cam fuel stratifiedinjection via knockout 532 horsepower398 pound feet of torque and that’scoupled with a 7-speed s-tronicautomatic dual clutch transmission andthat’ll generate enough force to getthis from zero to 60 in about 3.5seconds and it comes in starting at only165 thousand bucks and for those of youthat are interested in a toplessaddition there is the Spyder convertiblemodel available and that starts out atonly a hundred and seventy seventhousand and for those of you that needeven more powerthere’s the r8 v10 plus and that’llgenerate 632 horsepower 413 pound-feetof torque and get this movement fromzero to 60 in about 3.2 seconds andthat’ll run you only $194,000 plus plusand if that’s not enough for Audienthusiasts there’s also what we’relooking at today it is their limitedproduction r8 v10 RWS fully rear wheeldriven sans Quattro and it’ll

set youback only a hundred and forty twothousand dollars but you get a lot ofbang for your buck and a drivingexperience second to none the vehiclesbuilt on an ASF multi material spaceframe using lightweight technology toreally enhance the performance of the r8the suspension system up front is analuminum dual wishbone setup as well asin the rear with a fixed sportsuspension that has dampers that areadjusted through magnetically chargedfluid in the shock absorbers themselvesand it gives it a tremendously enhancedNamek ridefor those our eights equipped withAudi’s legendary Quattro all-wheel driveunder normal driving conditions thepower sent to the rear wheels but asneeded up to a hundred percent of thetorque could be shifted to the front theexterior has supercar written all overit with a drag coefficient of only 0.36and that explains why the sexy exteriorhas these hidden door handles you haveoutie single frame signature grille upfront with the Audi Sport call-out plusthere is the LED daytime running lightsas well as full headlight system and anincredibly distinctive backup and brakelight system as wellthe standard r8 comes with

a 19 inch 5double spoke aluminum alloy wheel but westepped up to the optional 20-inch andit’s a 10 spoke wide design forged alloyrim if you have to 45 30 zr 20s up frontand you have the 305 s in the back plusyou can enjoy these giant quad diskbrakes all the way around abs brakingsystem and electronic stability controlall designed to make this vehicle runlike a dream and inside there’s a veryspacious 8 cubic feet of cargo spaceplus you have your little netted areasright here in the back and on the sidesand there’s even an extra 12 volt powersource it’s awesomeI really like the way they carried theblack honeycomb treatment from the frontof the vehicle all the way to the backof the vehicle just like with theblackout treatment on the side mirrorsthe rims even the black diffuser backhere matching the black twin trapezoidalexhaust outlets it really is a menacinglook plus you have those amazing backupbrake lights the rear spoiler you candeploy on your own or at certain speedsit’s nice choices to have and I tell youit’s hot back here you can feel theexhaust the heat from this massive Vietsend I mean listen to that purrthat is pure engine now if you want toget to it behind the glass panel wellall you have to do is there’s a buttonright here BAM open it upand you’re in that’s in case you want toyou know change the oil or tune it

upsometime you know you know how to get tothe first thing you’ll notice as youglide in to the r8 is how driver focusedthis vehicle is out ease use the monopasto design where they have thisu-shape art coming right around thedriver really you know sets you deepinto the twelve point three inch virtualcockpit it’s fully digital fullycustomizable brilliant also you’re ableto operate off the functions off of yourAudi MMI interface down here which istouch sensitive in the center consoleand you can control a lot of thecomponents on the digital screen righthere from your three spoke flat bottomsports steering wheel with this modelyou have your start/stop button righthere in bright red you can’t miss it andthen you have your drive select modeover here so you can switch from acomfort mode auto mode dynamic mode andan individualized mode that you cancreateI love the carbon-fiber accents righthere as well as throughout the interiorwe also have leather package where youhave leather on the dash system and thisis where you can see they’re flying wingdesign with it you also can appreciatethe stereo system you have a 13 speakerplus subwoofer Bang & Olufsen stereosystem generating 550 watts of amazingsound in this compact acousticallydesigned environment it was specificallydesigned for the Audi r8 thank you beyou know dead center you have your airconditioning controls and and heatedseat controls which are some of thesimplest to use you can heat with atouch of a button air conditioning yousimply can push it to max BAM rightthere control up the speed control

thetemperature with a twistkeep it automatic control the air ventsacross the board rear defroster systemeverything right laid out dead centerand it’s kind of floating above thishidden compartment down here you haveyour two USB connectivity x’ withauxilary input as well as another powersource or what some people call apotential future cigarette lighter whichI don’t recommend but you also haveapple carplay and android autocapability as well in case you want tohook up directly to your compatiblephone now with this tucked away you haveyour you know moderate sized gloveboxand what comes out but a can and why Ican’t well this is the one thing call itmay be a tiny drawback but this is a canholder and when you utilize the canholder you can’t close the armrest butwho wants to keep their arm up therewhen you have the hands up here youmight have noticed I’ve had my tinybottles of water around yeah sorry samething I don’t use the big bottle waterin here I use tiny bottles of water boombut don’t BAM and they still don’t quitefit but the good news is you can slideyour can over here and behind the driverseat and the passenger seat there’splenty of room for a little extra cargoin case you get real thirsty on a longtrip mm-hmm yeah lots of cargo becauseyou go through these pretty quick at anyrate the seats let’s talk about theseats okay these seats are sports seatsnapa leatherabsolutely

beautiful the standardseating in this vehicle is 14 poweradjustments but this has the optional 18power adjustment but when you go up tothe v10 plus you get that as well youalso have the gorgeous it’s hard to seeit’s kind of dark but you have yourAlcantara headliner here and thinkeverything is pretty much set and readyto rock well go for a spin I doI know this is shameful but I’m gonna doit anywayuhh all right a slow down gotta slow downhow many people are looking for the RWSand even though they’re making 999 ofthem throughout the world I understandthere’s only three hundred and twenty ofthem available in the United States withthe rear-wheel series and we’re in oneof them and the Sun came out it’s abeautiful dayyou just feel that engine roar thatexhaust is so meatyeven though I wish we had theperformance button here and the exhaustadjuster you just have to listen to thenatural exhaust of this machineat 7-speed s-tronic shifts ofeffortlessly and it steers so preciselyyou can definitely feel it’s lighterthan the standard Quattro r8 I believeit’s about 110 pounds lighter and thatlighter front end allows for a quickersteering responsiveness you know I thinkpeople have their own particular tasteyou know if they want the Quattro theall-wheel capability that’s fantasticbut I understand there’s even somepeople that along the waybought a Quattro and took the frontsuspension out the front system out justso they could lighten it up just likethis is right now and after driving itjust a little bit you understand

whythis is a breathtaking machine time themarriage babyneedless to say you have plenty ofmerging powerlet’s check the drive mode select oohwe’re in dynamic we can go to comfortsoften up the rough city streetsand go to Otto for the lazy driver but I have to admit I prefer dynamicif you feel that naturally aspirated v10engine right behind you it’s just great and the natural exhaustkicking you out the hamand I think what’s nice is the mere factthat you can use this both as aneveryday driver it’s it’s thatcomfortable and as a weekend warrior youknow where you really want to put it tothe test or just look good this would befun to cruise away in on a weekend withthat special someoneit would be nice to just escape behind the wheel of a magnificentmachine like this some people werewondering about the fuel economy of thisvehicle you get around four works for 13miles around town and about 25 for acombined of 18 but you don’t buy thisvehicle to save gas you buy it to burnitthis is a driver’s car one of the thingsI forgot to mention the RWS you know oneof the ways that it sets it out from theother are eights is that you have themore subdued rear spoiler that I canraise to add

additional downforce notthat I needed in traffic but it doesn’thave the real large meaty built on rearspoiler like you see on the Quattro’sbut it does the trick and actually Ilike the lines when it’s down a littlenicer a little smoother before I forgetas well because there’s a lot of stuff Idon’t want to forget you have an AudiSport puddle light that as you open thedoor at night you know it just isanother bit of Audi Sport badging whichis a nice touch that’s a little it’s alittle delicate touch time the roll that transmission just glides throughthe gearsman that power you feel with that v10right behind your backjust propelling this vehicle down theroad and the wider track and the lighterweight and just the incredibleresponsive steering with your 7-speeds-tronic transmission this vehicle willdefinitely put a smile on your face lookout it’s a Prius the 2018 r8 is making aclear and bold statement that Audi’sracing heritage is alive and well withthe new RWS and when you get a chance toget behind the wheel of one andexperience the lighter machine quickerresponsiveness the power the dynamicsthen you just might find the 2018 howdyr8 to be the right vehicle for you butthere’s wonder one way to find out checkit out drive it for yourselfand see how it feels behind the wheelyou won’t be disappointed

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