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ow d certainly made a styling statementwhen it introduced the original a5 coupeback in 2008 now since then that modelactually aged pretty gracefullythroughout the years but this week I’mtesting the fully redesignedsecond-generation model and it looks asif it’s ready to do battle with thelikes of BMW and Mercedes with their newall new coupes because the original a5was such a dramatic departure from Audistyling back in 2008 the company didn’tfeel the need to fully redesigned thecar for a full ten years now usually ifyou wait that long a lot of critics andconsumers will complain that Audi letthe smile get stale however that reallywasn’t the case and the previousgeneration a5 aged so gracefully thatyou could literally buy a 2017 model itstill was pretty competitive with thelikes of the new BMW 4 Series and theMercedes c-class coupe which is why whenthe company decided to follow up withthis fully redesigned model they hadsome pretty big shoes to fill you cansee the design of this new one certainlytakes the more conservative approach amore evolutionary take in

terms of thedesign language kind of similar to whatwe saw in the new v9a 4 this is ofcourse riding on the same platform asthat vehicle the a5 has always been thetwo-door version they can see the frontend has the corporate outie designlanguage the single-frame grille thesevery angular boxy shape to the fendersto the hood to the headlights it’s avery conservative take a mature look itto me it still looks conservativelyhandsome but it doesn’t have that kindof wow factor that the original a5 coupewhich is of course pretty hard to doit’s pretty hard to follow up onsomething when you have such a you knowbeautiful take on styling with theoriginal model now my tester is themid-level Premium Plus trim in typicalAudi fashionthree trims tissues premium Premium Plusand the prestige the spool LEDheadlights are standard on the premiumplus they’re optional if you guys go forthe premium model my tester also has theS line sport appearance package so youjust get a slightly more aggressive foran end these really nice attractivelooking 19-inch wheels which are a

goodsize but I kind of wish outtie hasfinished them better in fact the floretsilver metallic with the silver wheelson my car con just screams a littleboring to me I really recommend if youguys are gonna go for this car go for abrighter color go for a slightlydifferent finish on the wheel if youguys want to go for the s5 model thatactually has the more aggressive looksthat I was looking for in thisparticular generation the a5 can look alittle bit stale especially with thesemore bland colors now in terms of thesize out II did make this model a littlebit bigger the wheelbase is about a halfinch larger or longer the overall lengthis nearly two inches longer and thevehicle is surprisingly a little bitnarrower like a quarter inch narrowerbut it does sit a little bit lower goingwith the more you know stance a moreaggressive stance that you coupe buyersare going to expect now at the back youhave a very clean look again you havethese LED tail lights with the dynamicturn signal so they kind of turn insequence just like the new a4 dualexhaust tips are included on the a5 ifyou guys go for an s5 you’ll get quadexhaust tips which of course I’ll showyou guys a full review

on that lateroverall I think the proportions of thea5 as I said are conservatively handsomekind of wish howdy took a little bitmore risks with the design there is alsodifferent body styles on the a5 there’sa convertible version a Cabriolet andthen a sport back which is a four-doorhatchback which kind of looks like asedan to me that models probably the onethat I would really be looking forwardto testing which I’ll do in the futurebut enough about the exterior of thecoupe let’s take a look at the insideand see all the changes that howdee madethis year since my tester is a premiumplus it does come standard with thecompany smart key axis systemIntelligent Key with push button startthis is the new key fob really like thekey fob on the new Audi products it’s anice solid feeling key it looks reallynice as wellnow when you first approached the a5 youcan see there is no button on the handleand said there’s a little indentationportion here just touch your hand onthat it’ll beep it’ll lock the doors foryou to unlock it there’s a sensor on theback of the handletouch the back of the handle and you cansee the door handle kind of lifts up andit opens the door for you

automaticallynow looking at the inside of the a5coupe you can see if you guys have spentsome time in the a4 this is pretty mucha carbon copy the seats do have a littlebit more aggressive bolstering becausethis is the two-door you can see youstill have like a 12 way power justwe’ll see with a two-person memory andmy Chester of course with the blackleather is pretty traditional I wishhowdy does offer like a brown or a beigeleather I believe the s5 models willoffer like a red leather if you guyswant to go for that now stepping insidethe vehicle you can see it does feellower to the ground than the a4 so youkind of have to sink in a little bit butthat’s going on more the traditionalcoupe sense now when you shut the doorit sounds nice and solid and becausethis is the coupe it actually has thisnice little thing here that pumps out togive you your seat belt which isdefinitely a nice little touch remindsyou again that you bought a premiumvehicle now to start the vehicle up allyou have to do is keep the key fob inthe vehicle and then push this buttondown here to fire up the engine now asyou can see Android auto and applecarplay is actually standing on every a5even on the base trim and my testerbecause it’s the premium plus it has thetwelve point three inch virtual cockpitdisplayed that is actually optional it’spart of like a navigation technologypackage that you can get its standard onthe prestige malls and just like Ishowed you another Audi products bypushing this button here and then usingthis little button here you kind ofchange the views you can put the navscreen there you can see Google Earth isright in front of you and

then you canalso you know put the nav screen overhere which is you know really nice tohave this ability to put to navigationscreens in front of you now let’s talk alittle bit about the interior qualitybecause outies have typically been classleading in that regard and they’ve kindof fallen back there pretty much onlyclass competitive now you can see thedashboard is made of a very soft touchmaterial it’s not stitched though youknow offer the stitching which issomething Mercedes does or even Alfadoes with the new Giulia so it’sdefinitely you know it’s still nice inhere there’s some aluminum trim you canchange that to wood if you want andeverything in here fits really nice thedoor panels here also slightly softtouch with more aluminum here aluminumdoor handle it’s slightly padded hereagain it could be softer and it could bestitched so I’m surprised with that thewindows are one touch automatic for boththe front you kind of expected that in aluxury vehicle the mirrors are alsopower folding whenever you use a littlecontrol stick here you can electricallyfold those mirrors and if you’re in atight parking spot how the steering wallis pretty nice it’s not heated

thoughyou can get it to be a heated option ithas paddle shifters on the back of thewheel they’re not anything too specialthey’re mounted to the call the steeringwheel and they’re plasticthe steering itself of course iselectric power steering assist will gointo the driving dynamics later mytester because it’s not the prestigedoesn’t offer as anything besides justpresense basic which is low speedautomatic collision avoidance whereit’ll hit the brakes for you and giveyou a collision warning and then it hasa side assess with the rearcross-traffic alert if you guys wantadaptive cruise control lane keep assistyou have to go for the prestige modelnow looking at the center stack here youcan see it looks like denticles to thea4 I really like this row of vents righthere there’s dual zone automatic climatecontrol of course my tester also hasheated seats they’re three level heatedseats there’s also an available optionto give you cooled seats which would bethe button down here my tester of coursedoesn’t have that there’s some morebuttons down here this is for theparking sensors to turn them on or offthis is for the automatic start/stopyour stability control off switch andthen your drive mode selector is here ifyou push this button here you can cyclebetween

individual dynamic automaticcomfort individual allows you tobasically tailor the steering of theengine transmission and the engine soundto your liking down here you can seethis controls the Audi MMI display I’mnot gonna go too much in depth with thisit’s very similar to the a4 that Ishowed you there’s a handwriting padhere there’s scrolling wheel you knowkicks you know and pushes forward youcan push inhowdy did fix one criticism I had andthat’s when you’re kind of scrollingdown the wheel finally turns in theright direction at least for theAmerican market whereas if you turn itto the right it goes down or clockwiseturn to the left it goescounterclockwise in the past it wasalways the opposite so it’s nice to seehow do you fix thatboys the nav student system here you cansee it’s Google Earth you do have to payfor the 4G LTE this vehicle does have awireless hotspot to get the Google Earthwhich is really nice this is the bestnavigation system in the businessespecially when you combine it with theAudi virtual cockpit display it’s allreally nice I really like how he putsthe volume controls down hereand then the shifter this controls the7-speed dual-clutch transmission you canalso get a six-speed manual on this car- – which is no-cost option it’savailable on all the trims really nicewhen you put the vehicle into reverseyou get a back up camera of course withfront and rear parking sensors it hastrajectory now D does offer a top meucamera system 360 if

you guys go for theprestige model basically pull theshifter back while holding this it goesinto drivepush it forward without holding that itgoes into neutral or at least one clickit goes into neutral Park is engaged bypushing this little button here thatgoes to park there’s also a sport modewhen you come back and kind of justflick it back toward Drive it’ll putinto a sport mode here does electronicparking brake as well a little bit somestorage there there’s cupholders thereand then over here the armrest intypical Audi fashion it does kind ofadjust based on you know how many clicksyou pull it up it also slides forwardand back a little bit there’s a littlebit of storage here you can see I’vepretty much filled it up with all of mycrap which does a good job of holding itand then you can kind of hide your stuffover there although there’s this littleopen part right there your USB of courseover here there’s two USB ports and anaux port down there to charge up yourphones the glove compartment is also apretty big size it’s damped it’s linedwith felt and then my tester has theoptional Bang & Olufsen audio systemit’s 19 speakers and 755 watts of powerit’s

phenomenal banging olsen isbasically my favorite in-car audiosystem and in the audi a5 it doesn’tdisappoint in that regard this panelsunroof is standard it is a pay nosunroof but it’s not kind of the wholeway but it’s bigger than your standardsunroof really nice feature there’s anice little you know retractable powersunshade here which is kind of like ameth and net finish which is nice ofcourse but overall the inside of thiscar kind of wish they differentiated alittle bit more versus the a4 but it’sstill a really nice place to spend timeto access the rear seat you basicallyhave to pull this lever forward here andthen push this button here that willelectrically move the seat forward andthen getting into the rear seat of thea5 you can see the coop is only a 4seater if you guys go for the sport backit will give you that middle seat backon this the coupe and the cavalry areonly c4 but getting back here you cansee it’s a little bit cramped the a4sedan is definitely the one you want ifyou actually plan to use the back seatsbut when you put the seat backjust button here to bring the seat backto where it was very surprisingly amountof room in here um now I’m five footseven like I said there’s good footspace I mean I would be okay back hereon shorter trips

surprisingly my headdoesn’t hit the roof so there’s goodHeadroom here there’s some nice LEDlighting herehowdy gives you a nice little fold-downarmrest with some storage right there noadditional cupholders it looks likethough which is interesting this seatsthemselves they fold down 60/40 out hegives you some nice vents back herewhere it’s actually you actually getyour own set of climate controls so it’sactually a three zone so that’s that waskind of unexpected I’m over here thematerials are actually soft touch justlike the front and then some morepadding right here and then where yourelbows may rest and then howdy does giveyou two map pockets for a little bitmore storage space looking at the trunkcapacity of the a5 it’s definitely alittle bit smaller versus the a4 but youcan see here looking into the space it’spretty deep the floor is kind of alittle bit shallow but you’re looking ataround eleven and a half cubic feet ofspaceI believe this sedan gives you about twocubic feet more than you can see you canfold down the seats from these leversback here now looking underneath thefloor but thankfully how to gives you atemporary spare tire so you’re notdealing with a fix or flood kit under the hood of the new a5 you can seeit’s the same powertrain that I showedyou guys in the a4 this is the

company’snew updated 2-liter turbochargeddirect-injection motor with at TFSItheir fuel at their direct fuelinjection system now I’m the new a5 itmakes the same power 252 horsepower anda pretty stout 273 pound-feet of torquethat’s up from the 220 and the 258th ohyou got in the previous generation outthis isn’t enough power the s5 steps into offer you a free litre turbochargedv6 which has 354 horsepower I’ll showyou guys that video later on when I getone to test now how do you also justintroduce the rs5 which offers a 2.9liter surprisingly smaller v6 with twinturbos which has 450 horsepower I can’twait to show you guys that review butthe vehicle is not on sale yet now youcan take the pick between twotransmissions there’s a six-speed manualor the 7-speed dual-clutch transmissionthen my tester has and then it comesstandard with Quattro all-wheel drivesystem there’s no front sidewall on thisparticular a5 nowfuel economy is pretty impressive it’srated at 24 in the city 44 on thehighway he says this get to 16 aroundfive and a half seconds it weighs around3,600 pounds let’s get on the road andsee how it all perform shall weso it’s been a while since I showed youguys a review on an a5 I think the lastone I showed you was like a 2010

thathad a the old 2-liter with a six-speedAutomatic this is pretty much identicalto the last a 4 that I drove with thepowertrain it’s a very impressivecombination it can’t wait to show youguys the s5 but I’ll have to wait untilAudi actually loans me one but my actualimpressions for the a5 coupe is prettypositive I mean aside from the slightlybland looks as I said earlier thedriving dynamics definitely aren’t blandand this is one of the quickestaccelerating vehicles in terms of baseengines that you can buy in this segment ha just like the a for the 85 reallyimpresses the moment you put it into itsdynamic more floor the accelerator nowit does have a little bit of hesitationoff the line I’m not sure if it’s turbolag or if it’s the dual clutch trying toget its thoughts togetherbut that’s kind of a characteristic witha dual clutch engine or transmission itcan be a little bit laggy off the linenow DS is one of the best in thebusiness but if you’ve never driven adual clutch you’re gonna kind ofexperience our first time but onceeverything kinda kicks in if this thingseriously shoves you into the back ofthe seat with a level of urgency youjust didn’t expect from this car nowthis car does actually come with launchcontrol to activate it you put it intoits dynamic mode you turn the stabilitycontrol off you just push the buttononce it puts into a sport mode you hitthe brake hard with your left foot floorthe accelerator until it builds the revsand let go of the brake seriously that’sjust that’s fantastic and then with thatQuattro all-wheel drive grip there’s

nodrama it just kind of goes this is just fantasticI am so impressed with this power traincombination it’s just the base motorlike this is just phenomenal how fastthis car is it feels every bit as quickas five and a half five and a halfseconds and there was a time where thatwas the speed levels of the s5 so thisis just fantasticnow let’s talk a little bit about thenoise this four-cylinder makes becausewhen you put it into its dynamic modeit makes the exhaust a little bit louderit’s got like not I want to say anactive exhaust but it kind of puts theengine in dynamic sound when you get therevs up it sounds ok I mean it’s nevergonna it’s you’re never gonna forgetthat it’s a four-cylinder and comparedto the old you know supercharged v6 itdoesn’t sound all that great but it’spretty much in line with all the otheryou know 4 cylinders turbos that I’vetested although I haven’t driven the newJuliette TI and that’s model that I’mreally anxious to drive now I also likehow when the dual clutch shifts itproduces those crackling those fartingnoises slight they’re slightly muted butI’m glad that they’re there now let’stalk a little about the handling withthe a5 because typically that housingalways really been an Audi stand outpoint and you know with the steering anddynamic mode I have I’m happy to saythat it has really good weight to it theprecision is also there it feels youknow pretty solid this is a reallycompetent handling car you do feel theweight going around corners I mean thisisn’t exactly a

superlight cards 3600pounds but you know it has a very stablesmooth controlled ride the visibilityand her is also excellent great view outof the front out of the back because ithas a more traditional you know sense interms of the styling but really thesteering could use a little bit morefeedback that’s always been a typicalAudi you know trade markets a little biton the numb side but really you knowthat this is a really great car to dailydrive and you know if you don’t push itif you don’t plan to actually take it toa track you’re gonna be really impressedwith the way the a5 handles of courseyou know in typical Audi fashion it doeshave a little bit of understeer when youreally start to push it but really a lotof drivers who get this kind of a carthey’re not going to really you knowreach those limits especially not onpublic roads but I’m just superimpressed with the way to a5 dr8 itreally impresses it will impress you theway the a4 does it’s basically just atwo-door version of that vehiclenow getting up to highway speeds here isno problem for the a5 and really whenyou start cruising on the highway thisis where this car excels a lot as wellit’s pretty quiet in here aside from alittle bit of that muted four-cylinderturbo growl there isn’t too

much interms of engine noise in terms of windnoise in terms of road noise this isjust a really excellent daily driver andreally my testers just missing all thedrivers distance tech stuff that Ireally want to try out but I reallydon’t like how D limits it to theprestige trim I think that they shouldoffer it on at least the Premium Plus aswell as an option where it’s an $1,800option on the prestige howdy forces youto kind of go all in to get the driversystem check which is kind of annoying alot of luxury brands do it you know it’skind of frustrating when you can findcars like a Toyota Corolla or a rav4that comes standard with that all thosefeatures and you have to go to one whenyou go to a luxury brand you have to payextra for it but that’s kind of theprice you have to pay you know withgoing with that luxury brands nowspeaking of numbers and pricing let’stalk a little feel economy first Imentioned earlier it’s rated at 24 inthe city 34 on the highway I actuallyaveraged around 25 in mostly citydriving around 30 35 miles per gallon onthe highway when I took it on a longhighway trip it’s fantastic in terms ofthe mpg so this you know engine thispowertrain is very fuel efficient whenyou guys want it to be and when youcombine it with the start/stoptechnology you know it really helps tosave the fuel if you guys want to dothat and it also offers the performancewhen you guys put it into its dynamicsetting and really start you knowpushing this car it’s a really fun todrive car now the price of the new a5you expect this to be more

expensiveversus the old one in the days it startsit now it starts now at forty twothousand eight hundred dollars that’sabout a fifteen hundred dollar jumpversus the old model and you know it’skind of worth it considering the newperformance than you you know all thestandard features Audi’s typically havemore value than the German competitionand it does if you want a comparableMercedes c300 4matic coupe that startsat around $45,000 the same story for aBMW 430 i-x drive coupe again startsaround $45,000 when you compare this carto its Japanese competitors the a5starts around the same price a lexus RC343,000same story with the Infiniti q60 2-litert premium with all-wheel-drive theCadillac ATS coupe is also a lot moreexpensive but for me the interior of theCadillac just doesn’t comparealthough dynamically it does handle verywell compared to the Audi now my testerbeing the premium plus you get LEDheadlights as standard you got the smartkey system you have the option to add inyou know the Bang & Olufsen audio thenavigation this model starts at around$45,000 to $3,000 I’ve charged my testerwith the technology package with thenavigation the 19 inch wheels SportPackage option these sport seatsmy tester stickers for around fifty-twothousand dollars which again it’s apretty good chunk of change but you’regonna be paying that much for all of itsJapanese competitors you know mid trimlike that and keep in mind if you guyswant the manual as I said it’s not anextra charge for the manual and if youguys want you know a fully loadedprestige with everything this car willtop out at around fifty five thousanddollars which again can sound like a lotof money until you start building acomfortable Mercedes or BMW and thosecan top $60,000 for their base 2-literturbo four cylinders so howdy still hasthe value baked in I just kind of wishthat they offered a little bit moredistinction in the styling and theyoffered their you know driver assistancetech on other trims besides thetop-of-the-line prestige but with allthat said I hope you guys have enjoyedmy full overview on this 2018 out e85coupe if you’re in the market for acompact luxury coupe this one shoulddefinitely be at the top of your listjust keep in mind that it can be alittle bit on the conservative side butif that’s what you’re looking for Ithink you’ll find a lot to like withthis all-new a5q but if you’re alsolooking to see the latest cars I’mtesting make sure you follow me oninstagram at red line underscore reviewslike us on facebook and if you haven’tdone so please subscribe to the red linemovies youtube channel for all thelatest reviews thanks so much forwatching guys I’ll catch youin the next video

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