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you have two USBs in theback there and now we’ll take a look atthe glove box it has a good amount ofroom you have your CD player locateddown there as well and then I alsowanted to mention all of the carbonfiber accents that run along the wholedashboard here you see the Quatro logoit also runs down the center console andwe’ll take one last look at the interiorthis vehicle also features a sunroof soyou have all of your controls up top inthe center along with touch sensitivelight and now we’ll go ahead and take alook at the rear seating and all thedoors on this vehicle are pillarlesswhich is very cool the door panel herehas the same rotor gray leather withmore carbon fiber accents your lockbutton one speaker and

some more storagethis is a five seater so let’s go aheadand hop in you have plenty of room beingin the back seat I have a lot of legroomI’m 510 for your reference at home so Ihave a few inches above my head as wellthere’s some cargo nets in each frontseat along with some air vents a 12-voltdown below in the center pull out wehave a little bit of storage and theseats do have a 60/40 split in them sothey fold completely down so now we’llgo ahead and take a look at the rearstorage space you just pull on thisbutton and the hatch will automaticallyopen up so obviously there’s plenty ofroom even with the rear seats up youhave some storage pockets on both sideswith all the seats folded down there’s46 cubic feet of cargo spaceand so what the seats down you can seethere’s definitely plenty of room thisis removable so if you have anythinglarger it will definitely fit in theback and then to close

it up we can justpush on the button located on the top itwill automatically close so now it’stime to go for a ride in this 2018 f5 Iam really excited to do this this is thesecond generation that Audi has madeit’s the first generation to come to theUnited States so that is very coolthe only real comparison that I can dowith this is to be a 5 coupe which I dida couple weeks ago and this is virtuallyidentical other than having the full 4doors so let’s go ahead and set off nowso you can get the a5 which has the2-liter four-cylinder turbochargedengine just like the a5 coupe this onehas the 3 liter turbocharged v6 so Ican’t wait to see how this power handlesthis is only about three or four hundredpounds more than the coupe so that powerin this v6 should be plenty for thesedan so I’m out on the road now and

thefirst thing that I’m going to do is putit into dynamic mode I’ll use thesteering wheel mounted paddle shiftersand give it a little bit of gasthat was just a 3000rpm I’m not doinganything crazy in this car but justgoing to that this turbocharged v6definitely has a lot of power soundspretty good on the downshift as well socomparing this to the 2-literturbocharged four-cylinder I drove inthe a5 coupe definitely is a little bitbeefier sounding and will get this carright up to speed with no ease as far assuspension in this car goes we’re takinga pretty good turn right here from whatI read oh definitely is very planted nobody roll in this car so this definitelyperforms a lot better than the previousgeneration again I can’t touch that butgoing around some turns here it’sdefinitely well planted in the turn youhave three different driving modes thatI showed earlier that you can go

throughwith dynamic individual and auto and afeature that’s also available in dynamicmode is dynamic steering so the car willnow monitor the speed that you’re goingas well as the angle of the steeringwheel going around different turns tohelp you assist in making those turns alot smoother which is a very cool designto have so I’ve had the car in dynamicand it’s been cruising along pretty wellon these roads but I’ll go ahead andswitch it to comfort really quick Wowthe suspension just feels like itloosened up a bit but it’s nothing likesoft or anything all the bumps it’staking very well I can barely feelanything and putting it back intodynamic right now the exhaust notechanged a little bit as well but now I’mstarting to feel the bumps just a littlebit so the whole suspension justtightened right up and you’d be easilybe able to take this on some nice backroads along with the optional

dynamicsteering now this definitely willperform very well you can also opt forthe optional sports differential andwhat that will do is going around turnslike I am now will allow the outsidewheels on a turn to spin faster toeliminate understeer when you’re takingthat turn so that’s definitely a verynice performance feature to have on thiscar as far as the interior goes in thesport back it is a very premium feel Iabsolutely love thiswill you have great notches on it so youhave good grip going around some termshere the diamond pattern and the seatslooks very awesome along with all thecarbon fibers so the interior in here isvery premium and it has very comfortableseats as well I can definitely see thisbeing a daily driver and with the flipof a switch you can make the suspensionvery soft and

comfortable you can changeit to dynamic if you want to do a littlebit harder driving in it you can alsoadjust the front of the seat that wayyou can have a little more a little bitmore comfort if you’re on a long roadtrip or anything like that and then asfar as visibility goes into tacks backyou pretty much have a 360-degree viewobviously looking out of the frontwindshield you definitely have a lot ofroom your side mirrors and your rearview mirror will do a lot for you aswell looking over your left shoulder youcan easily see out of that rear glassand then a glance over your rightshoulder the glass on this hatch is veryopen there’s very little blind spot overyour right shoulder in that back cornerthere so all-around good visibilityagain that hatch glass is so large I caneasily see the car behind me no issue asfar as technology

features go in thisvehicle it definitely has a lot ofstandard features along with yourforward-facing camera your rear facingcamera and parking sensors all aroundyou have Lane Keeping Assist adaptivecruise control traffic recognitionthere’s also a stop and go feature onthis vehicle so if you’re going about 45miles an hour and you’re in stop-and-gotraffic it will detect the cars in frontof you it will do the braking for you itwill also speed up for you so that waywhen you’re stuck in those situationsthe car can drive a little bit for youit’s not fully in control but it willhelp you in situations like that andthen this car also has very good brakingas I come to this turn here again nobody roll it feels super solid and thenit definitely has enough power to getout of those turns alright so we’regoing to do one last acceleration inthis car we’re coming up to a turn hereso I’m going to downshift that exhaustsounds pretty goodcome around this turn Wow definitely gets up and goes for afour-seater sounds really good to thecabin inside here is well insulated soyou can’t hear the exhaust too much andnow we’ll take one last look from thepassenger side the interior in thisvehicle is very premium feeling with thecarbon-fiber accents everywherevery nice diamond stitched front seatsalong with the very nice door panelwe’ll take a look at the rear seatingagainand the same design looks very niceso that is my walk-around review andtest-drive of the 2018 how ds5 Sportbackhuge shout out again to audi Greenvillefor providing this vehicle for today’svideo definitely check out their websitein the description below if you enjoyedthe video make sure you give it athumbs-up if you’re new to the channelmake sure you subscribe stay tuned forplenty more videos to come I’ll see youall next videoyou

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