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what’s up everybody Matt Moran here foranother quick Drive video so this time Iam in the 2018 outie s4 and so this ismy first time driving one of these news4 s it has the 3 liter turbo v6 enginedoes 354 horsepower I think 369pound-feet of torque something aroundthere there’s a 60 and 4.4 seconds forthese thingspretty quick cars a little bit on theheavy side you lose anything go around33,000 850 pounds I believe somethingaround there but you know it’s a nicesized car it’s a good-looking car Ithink you know the s4 s have always beena little more conservative some of thecompetition you know it looks like amore aggressive 8 4 nothing too wildthough but I gotta say I think itactually looks very attractive and quitenice same goes for the interior hereinterior and these outies are reallysome of the best out there I mean I justneed to love this red leather seatingfat that has been going on recently Ithink it looks greatI love the quilted leather you have herein the s4 model looks really sharp Ilove the steering wheel here or thesmall airbag cover really nice 9-3 gripjust a really cool steering wheel herein the s4 gauges are also great with theAudi virtual cockpit that is really oneof the coolest out there but anywaylet’s turn out on the straight road andsee how the acceleration is all rightthere we gotransmission took a second to get

theidea and then it takes offit sounds great too though I meancompare your time it’s been a long timesince I’ve driven the previous gen s4but this has a lot more sound to it andI’m assuming that’s all real I don’tknow maybe they’re cheating with somefake stuff but whatever it is I don’tcare because it sounds greatand you can even hear a faint cracklingburble from that exhaust to from insidethe cabin here which is really cool I’msure if we did go pro on the fact thatwe’d be able to hear exactly what’scoming out of the back there but overallI mean it sounds really good it’s punchyagain this transmission that I thinkthis is switch from the DSG I believeand now I think it’s the 8-speedTiptronic automatic but it’s prettyquick it’s just you know it doesn’t wantit can’t aside it seems whether it wantsto rely on the

turbos torque or whetherit was to just give you higher rpms ifit’s just like it’s like fighting withitself trying to decide what to do butwe’ll put it in a manual mode here chefsare pretty quicknot razor fast but I would say it’sprobably about the same as a ZF 8-speedmaybe a hair slower close but anywayit’s it’s quick enough you know I thinkfor most people that are gonna be outdriving these thingsit sounds great I’m really surprised Imean this thing sounds really reallygood I’m impressed and now we’re justcruising in traffic here it’s a verycomfortable thing I haven’t driven thecurrent gen a4 to compare but you knowit has ayou get a little more communication fromthe chassis as far as what’s going onbut it’s not stiff even in dynamic modehere you know it still is a verybefitting of a luxury vehicle andcertainly you know is a little softerthan the rs3 that I just drove forexample a little bit smoother butoverall it’s still I mean it’s an Audiso of course it’s gonna be comfortableto to cruise them and the s4 isn’t someall-out performance vehicle it does havegreat performance but it’s still allabout having something that’scomfortable and a great daily driverwhich I think this certainly is but thisengine you just leave it up in manualmode here just cruising in fourth gearand having it hover around 3,000 rpmsit’s really got

lots of power to just goI mean you gotta weigh this one secondfor that turbo to kick in but then itpulls really strong and also I am happyto say that the throwing response is agood bit sharper so I drove the Audi sq5and everybody will be going liveprobably later this fall because I havesuch a long backlog but that thethrottle response wasn’t as sharp thisthe throttle is really sharp feels greathere in dynamic mode so a lot more doubtin than the sq5 in my opinion which Ipersonally love just very eager torespond to your commands but anywaywe’ll put it down under this back roadhere in a minute andsee how it handles here we goall right so it’s a little bit softeryou get a little bit of lean there it’snot absolutely flat but it does handlevery well you know for one thing can alittle bit of a larger luxury sedan youknow but like I said 3850 is a heavyweight really especially talking about aluxury sedan like this you know thatit’s a feels pretty good on this backhoethere’s

only a couple of corners here soI can’t really get too good of an ideaof how this thing handles honestly butyou know from the few corners here thatI have gone around it feels prettybuttoned down I mean the s4’s havealways been pretty good handlers I wouldsay this feels maybe a little lessaggressive it had set up in the previousgen s4 just again first very earlyimpressions here I’d have to drive oneof these for a longer period to do moreof an you know accurate comparison butit just seems like it’s it’s a littlesofter than the previous gen s4 you knowfrom again my memory of many years agodriving that but this sounds better Ithink for sureI’ll have those burps on the upshift -it’s great but yeah that’s just ourreally quick this transmission might bea little quicker than I originallythoughtit’s pretty goodand this

thing is great but yeah I cansee though this give me a very fun dailydriver it’s really well-rounded you knowit’s good enough it’s still very softcomfortable so it’s a great you knowcommuter vehicle but it’s also prettygood in a back road if you want to dothat kind of stuff with itsounds great I really am enjoying howmuch saddened I’m getting here which issomething a lot of these other I youknow performance luxury sedans theydon’t give you as much of the sound andI really love this doesn’t have any kindof active exhaust or anything like thatit’s just somehow I’m getting lots ofsound and and I appreciate thatso yeah overall I’m pretty impressedwith this thing and now I think for 2018you can have apple carplay in it or anauto here in the alleys which is greatas an option the

interiors have theother parts of the interior I didn’tmention yet you know the climate controlall that kind of stuff it’s very nicevery well done I will get more into theAudi interior in the sq5 which is fairlysimilar and I’ll talk more about thatyou know later on this fall in my fullreview of that hopefully I won’t get achance to do a full review of an s4eventually down the road as well but Ican overall like I said my firstimpressions are very important is forlike I said maybe a little less sharpfrom the previous gen but you get a lotmore comfort and great sounds and justoverall much more refined car in manyways anyway let me know your thoughtsabout the new s4 in the comments belowthank you guys very much for watchingand I’ll see you next time take care

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