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hey everyone I’m Rob and welcome to thetest drive today I’m driving the 2018 ODa six but first we are giving away multipleacaso EK 7000 4k action cameras on thechannel because i want to hit 10,000subscribers as soon as possible sohere’s what we’re gonna do if we hit10,000 subscribers by June 1st I’m gonnagive away 2 cameras but if we hit 10,000subscribers by May 1st I’m gonna giveaway 5 acaso EK 7000 4k action camerasto some lucky subscribers so for moreinformation on this see the descriptionbelow and hit that subscribe button tojoin the fun now the a6 is at the middleof outies sedan lineup it competes withthe mercedes-benz e-class and the BMW5-series and I have to say I really likethis latest generation of the Audi a6now you have 4 different trims availablefor 2018 for the a6 it starts with thepremium at the base level that I’mdriving today you also have the sportthe Premium Plus and at the high end youhave the prestige now above the a6 sitsthe s6 which is basically a modifiedSport version of the Audi a6

and it’scalled the s6 and that’s an awesome carso we’re gonna start with the outside ofthe 2018 out ea6 this premium modellooks very good for being the base modelI love the front end it’s veryaggressive you have a very nice rear aswell I love the look of the taillightsjust really look sporty and then theside profile is very good this lookslike a longer larger sedan yet it stillretains that sporty profile you havesome very nice 18 inch rims on thispremium model and even for being thebase level rims they do look very goodbut there are some upgraded options youcan get some 19’s and some of thehigher-end trims I also love the look ofthe headlights in this 2018 Audi a6 theyjust look really good and I love thelook of Audi’s front ends I always haveI’ve always thought that they just havea very aggressive mean sporty look totheir sedansit kind of seems like that’s outiesway of designing a car is the sportinessfirst and then the luxury aspect secondbecause you know these vehicles arestill very luxurious while also beingvery sportive getting to the interior ofthe a6 this premium model at the baselevel comes of course with leather seatsand these are very nice soft leatherseats very comfortable very nice on along tripthey are definitely luxurious more

sothan being sporty I mean you have verysmall side bolsters but they still dohold you in place pretty decently aroundturns but you know this is a verycomfortable interior everything isreally soft very high-quality heatedseats also come standard in the premiumtrim of the 2018 a6 and I love to lookin here it’s very sporty but stillelegant and just really looks sharp youhave a very nice steering wheel herethat I really like and if this isextremely sporty I mean there aresignificantly softer steering wheels Ihave to say that the BMW 5-serieshas a softer steering wheel look thisone is definitely more sporty and itfeels very good in all the right placesif you put your hands and nine and threeit just feels amazing and you take turnswith such confidence just from thesteering wheel itself from the grip youhave on it and this a six also has a lotof room you have plenty of room for thedriver and front-passenger and then youalso have a large backseat I’m 6 feettall and I was able to sit behind myselfwith no issues so this is an extremelycomfortable car to fill with people andtake on a long trip you also have alarge trunk as well so again justall-around really sized very nicely andagain extremely comfortable for a fullcar and you do get a nice moonroofstandard as well which I really likenow getting to the

performance of the2018 out ea6 you have two differentengines the entry-level engine is calleda 2.0 TFSI that’s a 2-liter turbochargedfour-cylinder producing 252 horsepower273 pound-feet of torque and mated to an8-speed automatic that is what I have inthe a6 that I’m driving today there’salso the 3.0 TFSI which is a 3 liter 6cylinder and it’s supercharged making340 horsepower and 325 pound feet oftorque also made it to the 8-speedautomatic this thing handles well I meanthis is a bigger car and it just youreally it really inspires confidence incorners it’s very fun especially forwhat it is now the six cylinder would ofcourse be my engine of choice I love thefact that it’s supercharged and while Ihaven’t heard it I’m sure it soundsawesome – I love the sound of thatsupercharger whine but I have to sayeven this turbocharged 4-cylinder is alot of fun I mean this car is not slowwhen you look at the 0 to 60 times 6.7seconds with the 4-cylinder 5.1 secondswith the 6-cylinder I mean it is amassive difference and it certainly Ibet feels significantly better I know itdoes with the six cylinder but I have tosay even this four cylinder reallypowers this thing adequately and itstill allows you to have fun I reallylike the way that this 8-speed automaticshifts

though it just really doesn’teven feel like an 8-speed unless you’recruising on the highwaynow the Quattro all-wheel drive systemis very nice it’s very good in the snowI did get to drive it in some light snowtoday zero wheel spin I mean this doeshave basically brand new tires on it aswell but you know I really liked theperformance of it and it gives you a lotof grip even though this 4-cylinder isnot an engine that would necessarilycause you to lose grip if this wasfront-wheel drive I mean you would stillget that wheel spin wouldn’t be nearlyas fun to drive the all-wheel drivesystem is very nice and I can imagineespecially with the six-cylinder that itreally does an awesome job of keepingthis thing on the road and distributingpower as needed now getting to thetechnology in the 2018 outtiea6 even though this is the base model inthis premium trim you still do get anice amount of technology you have thislarge seven-inch outtie MMI screen andit actually comes out of the dash whenyou start it up so it’s that kind ofdesign that a lot of manufacturers havenow where the screen is kind of on itsown rather than being stuck in the dashand while that’s not my favorite way youknow I do like it in this a 6 I like howthe screen comes out when the car is onand then it retracts and kind of justsinks back into the dash when the carturns off and again while outies MMIsystem is not my favorite system at allI think it’s a little bit antiquated itstill is very nice in terms of some ofthe actual functionality that you getout of it the navigation system Iabsolutely love it’s extremely userfriendly I also love that it shows youall of the upcoming exits on your routeso that you can plan on where you’regonna stop to get something to eat orrefueling anything like that it isprobably one of my favorite navigationsystems the rest of the functionality inthe MMI system is OKbut I really do love the navigationsystem because this MMI screen is not atouchscreen you have a rotary dial rightnext to the gear lever as well as someother buttons to allow you to interactwith the system you also get a

nicescreen in between the tachometer andspeedometer that gives you somedifferent vehicle information has anelectronic speedometer so I like that alot now something really interestingwith the interior is that the onlyvehicle power plug for the front isright here inside of the center armrestand while that doesn’t sound like itwould be a problem if you have a radardetector for example that you want tomount somewhere on your windshield youare gonna have a giant cord coming fromthe center armrest through the middle ofthe car up to your windshield same withif you’re using a GPS you know I don’tknow why you would because you do haveit here in the car but again it’s justinteresting with the placement on thatyou know for something like that yeahyou can get a radar detector hardwiredinto your car you can do a mirror tap Imean there are different options likethat but just interesting the locationof it and what I guess issues

that couldpotentially cause I’m also not crazyabout the climate controls in this a 6because you have these little rotarydials rather than having the actualdigital temperature and it really at theend of the day doesn’t matter it’s fineI like that it’s dual zone I just likethe digital aspect better I think thatyou typically see the digital readoutsin higher-end vehicles so it’s just kindof interesting the way that outtie choseto do it so I hope you enjoyed thisreview of the 2018 outie a6I’m Rob this is the test drive if youlike this video please give it a thumbsup please leave me a comment let me knowwhat you think about the video in thiscar and what this competes against andplease subscribe to my channel if you’dlike it does help me make more videosandyou’ll also be eligible to win a lot ofthe giveaways that we have going on inthe channel so thanks again for takingthis test drive with me and I’ll talk toyou soon

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