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this is the new Audi a3 Sportback theremight be one new what’s new about itwell it’s had a bit of a facelift sosome fresh bumpers front and back asstandard across the range you get xenonheadlamps and their automatic so to thewindscreen wipers and cruise control isstandard across the range as well and ifyou get the s-line version you get rearindicators which pulse there is a priceto pay for these extras though andthat’s an increase of 500 pounds likefor like but to put that intoperspective 500 quid will only get you aweekend for two in a lodge at centreparks exactly now the a3 is actuallyquite a good value car when you thinkabout what you get for your money soit’s very desirable start from justunder 20,000 pounds but you can stillsave some money on that if you click upthere to go to car wire coat UK

to findout the best deal you can get on a newAudi a3 now on the inside the a3 but itlooks a bit like business as usual soyou’ve got a nice small easy to operatedesign and quality is very good most ofmaterials perhaps the car wire flicktest there are hard plastics down herebut everything feels really solid nowout is upgraded the car with its latestentertainment system so as standardyou’ve got Android auto and applecarplay connectivity which is brilliantyou can also get the car with Ali’sexcellent virtual cockpit so everythingyou see there is now right in front ofthe driver because you’ve got digitaldials and you can cycle through thedifferent menus I love that system nowif you click up there you can get moreinformation on that in our in-depthinfotainment review maybe I’ll haveanother look around this cars

cabin andwell on the whole it’s quite practicalin here so look door bins a huge take abig bottle and even those in the back ofthe car look at this they can take it aswell now the a3 Sportback is slightlylonger and therefore there’s more roomin the back then in the a3 thethree-door version and look at thisyou’ve got loads of knee room loads ofheadroom people over 6 foot will be fineback here there’s only two of you canfold this down you’ve got a cup holderarea there but if you want to carrythree while this seat is quite wide itdoes feel high and there’s a big lump inthe floor there so that combined withthe fact this body is quite narrow doesmean it’s not quite as good with threein the back as a Mercedes a-class butwith two it’s the best inthis class so moving on to the boot it’sabout average for this size of carb butit is very well thought out so there isa bit of a load lip it’s not too big

butyou do have some underfloor storage andwhat you can actually do is raise thisfloor up if you want to to reduce thatload lip and when you fold the seatsdown which look you can do on certainmodels 40/20/40 you’ll see that theylike completely flat but some of thefeatures in here which are useful suchas tethering points you got hooks yougot storage areas they’re the onlythings missing is a 12 volt socket buthe’ll let it off because otherwise thisboot is very practical now if you wantto see just how much stuff you can craminto this Audi a3 Sportback click upthere to watch our in-depth practicalityvideo you’ll also be able to see howeasy it is to fairchild seat in the carand what it’s like with three people inthe back so far the a3 is a reallyimpressive car and this continues out onthe road and the idea 3 may well bebased on the Volkswagen Golf but becauseout is the pasha brand it

just feelsmore luxurious to drive and he doeseverything well so it’s comfy it’sreasonably quiet and while it might notbe as fun as the sportive it would beone series still handledand the sports seats in this s light notreally do hold you in place visibilityis excellent as well there’s no realobvious blind spots and if you click upthere you can see for yourself byjoining me for a 360 degree passengerride video you can now get the Audi a3with an all-new 1-liter 3-cylinder turbopetrol engine and it’s very good but ifyou can afford an extra two thousandpoundstry to upgrade to the 1.4 TSI becausethat is hot act quick and it also givesvery very good economy this is the2-liter diesel with 150 horsepower andyeah if you do lots of Mars it’s goingto suit you this car it’s punchy andread some economic also add says 67miles per

gallon my trip computer says56 that’s really good actually so 2 isthe manual gearbox it’s nice and lightand the autos are impressive as well andif you want to make strip grip you getthe a3 with Quattro all-wheel drivethose not as though these front-wheeldrive cars struggle for traction and onthe whole this is a really impressivecar the whole pointmaybe that makes it a little bit dullbut not my mind so far so good then butthere are some minor issues with theAudi a3 here’s five of them don’t gettoo carried away with the optionsotherwise the cost Samantha this one is32,000 pounds yeah as much as an a6don’t bother putting the car intodynamic mode because then the steeringgets artificially heavy chubby calledDerek mode if you go for the load sportysuspension large wheels and the ridebecomes less comfy and the car knows youhowdy came third from bottom in thelatest UK JD power dependability surveyoh dear what both the manual andautomatic

gearboxes are great the autocan be a bit jerky at maneuvering speedshowever the Audi a3 does have plenty ofcool features which helps to make up forall thisoh that’s absolutely gorgeous I’m nottalking about me I’m talking about theframers rear view mirror all Audi a3 sget independent rear suspension for aluxurious ride the emergency assist willautomatically slow the cart or hold ifyou stop steering say if you’ve fallenasleep or diethe optional matrix LED headlamps canshut off part of their beam to preventdazzling other drivers without a phonebox you get wireless charging for yourmobile and it can even boost your signalby using the cars aerial so then overall what I think of the Audi a3Sportback well it’s not the mostexciting car in the world and theoptions are quite expensive but it feelslike a quality product and it’s lovelyto drive now if you click up there

youcan get more information find out thebest deal you can get on an audi a3 atcarlo co dot uk’ thanks for watching ifyou enjoyed this video please like itshare it and subscribe to our channelanything because there you can watch ourdetail practicality infotainment and360-degree passive Drive video

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