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what’s up everyone today I’m down atBenson Thea and Alfa Romeo getting tocheck out the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stalvey Ohhuge thanks to them for providing thisvehicle for today’s video definitelycheck out their website in thedescription below the model that we’relooking at today is the ti Sportfinished off in Vesuvio grey metallicand has an MSRP just under 44,000 under the hood is the longitudinallymounted 2-liter four-cylinderturbocharged engine this is only pairedto the ZF 8-speed automatic with columnmounted aluminum finished paddleshifters the engine produces 280horsepower at 5200 rpm and 306pound-feet of torque as low as 2,000 rp mit

is all-wheel drive weighs just over4,000 pounds zero-to-sixty can happen infive point four seconds with a top speedof 144 miles an hour and with a 16 point9 gallon fuel tank you can expect thempg to be 22 city and 28 highway thewheelbase measures a hundred and 11inches it has an overall length of ahundred and eighty four point six inchesthe width is at seventy four point nineand it has a height of 66 inchesstarting up front with the traditionaltriangular shaped front grille with thechrome accent running around the edge byxenon headlights come standard the lowersection of the front bumper is splitinto two grills with a nice honeycombdesign and the front collision systemmonitor along with the forward-facingcamera on the top of the windshieldthere are also very clean lines.

Coming along the hood and the lower section ofthe front bumper protrudes just a littlebit giving it an aggressive look thesport comes standard with twenty byeight and a half inch v arm doublesmoked aluminum wheels the brakes arefour piston Brembo sup front measuringthirteen inches and one piston in therear measuring twelve and a half inchesand the rear glass has a steep rake toit giving it a great design the fenderflares in the rear also bulge just alittle bit and finishing up with theintegrated spoiler the tailgate hasmultiple sculpted lines throughoutgiving

it a great look LED tail lightscome standard along with the backupcamera and parking sensors and finishingup with the dual exhaust it also has atowing capacity of 3,000 pounds and nowwith the key we’ll go ahead and take alook at the interior this vehicle alsofeatures the remote start so by lockingthe car twice we’ll go ahead and doubletap on the engine start button hereyou’ll see the power mirrors fold outit’ll automatically start up and thenjust by pushing giving that button asingle push we can go ahead and shut itoff walking up to the car as long as Ihave the key on me I just place my handin the door handle it will automaticallyunlock the door panel is finished off inblack leather with grey stitching wehave yourtailgate release button your side mirroradjustments all the windows areautomatic up and down you have yourmemory seat adjustments for the seatwith your lock and unlock your aluminumrelease handle with a nice designrunning along behind that some storagespace down below this has an 8 speakeraudio system these are the sport bucketblack leather seats you have the AlfaRomeo logo embossed in the headrest moreof the grey stitching very aggressivebolstering on both sides along with downbelow if you need to make an adjustmentto the front of that pulls out you haveyour automatic controls for your lumbarsupport and adjustability once insideI’ll go ahead and double tap on theengine start/stop button located on thesteering wheel to turn on all theelectronics and then with my foot on thebrake I can go ahead and start it up once inside we’re greeted by a fullywrapped black leather steering wheelwith a very nice three spoke design hasa flat bottom to it as well we’ll startoff with the very large column mountedaluminum finish paddle shifters you canhear the click to them very solidthere’s a little bit different materialwhere your thumbs rest so it feels a lotmore comfortable there on the right sideyou have all of your bluetooth controlsalong with radio adjustments on the leftside as all of your cruise controlbuttons along with a downhill assistcontrol on the left side of the steeringwheel we have your headlights which youcan turn on

off the parking sensorsalong with your engine start/stopfeature there’s also a little storagespace located down below you have oneair vent and coming along the center’syour 8.8 inch display screen we cancontrol that using the center dials youhave a rotary in the center that you canalso click on your menu and optionbutton so by using the rotary dial I canscroll through what I’d like to chooseon I’m going to go to car I can click onthe car status so I can look at tiresthe maintenance of the car oil levelthings like that go back to the menubutton different settings that we can gothrough your navigation of course so youcan see that pop up on the whole screen

and of course your phone and media aswell below that we have two air ventsthis has a dual zone climate control soyou have all of your different settingsin the middle you have heated driver andpassenger seats along with a heatedsteering wheel option your various ACcontrols a 12-volt and a USB portlocated below that with two cupholdersyou can easily close those up to hidethem very nice finish to that covermoving on to the shifter if we just pullon the trigger up front push it all theway up to reverse you’ll see your backupcamera up here the lines move with thesteering wheel also to put it in Drivewe just pull all the way back we canalso pop it

into sport mode as well andthen to put it in park we just push onthe p on the top behind that we haveanother rotary dial to turn on and offthe radio along with adjust the volumeand your three different driving modeswhich I’ll get to later in this videobehind that is your electronic parkingbrake we’ll go ahead and take a look atthe center compartment you have a goodamount of room down there with a usbe an auxilary port we’ll take a look atthe glove space you have a good amountof room down there and then we’ll takeone last look at the interior thebeautiful black leather seats this alsohas a panoramic roof and to control thatyou have all the buttons located up inthe center here along with all of yourdifferent dome light adjustments nowwe’ll go ahead and take a look at therear seating the door panel

obviously isfinished off like the front with theblack leather very nice trim piecebehind your aluminum release handle youhave one speaker and some storage spacebehind that your wear window isautomatic up and down as well and thisis a five seater SUV so let’s go aheadand hop in behind both front seats youhave a little bit of cargo space forsome extra storage along with two airvents two USBs and a little pocket downbelow I have the front seats set up myheight which is 510 I have plenty offoot room plenty of headroom as wellbeing back here there’s a center pulloutthat has two cupholders in it you caneasily fold that back up here’s yourreview from the rear seats plenty ofroom back here and the seats have a40/20/40 split to them so you can doeach seat individually if you need justa little bit more room and you can seeall the way to the back there now we’llgo ahead and

take a look at the rearstorage space and you can either doubletap on the key fob or walk up to thevehicle and do that as wellyou have 18.5 cubic feet of space backhere with the rear seats up definitelyhave plenty of room a little bit ofstorage on both sides which is nice youalso have a removable two new cover sowe can just pull on this and slide thatback this is how you fold down the leftseat here you have a 12-volt and a lightand then obviously folding down theother seat and now I folded the rearseats down so you can see just how muchmore storage space you have again youcan remove that if you have any largeritems now we’ll go ahead and shut therear gate again power-assisted so nowit’s time to take the Stelvio out on atest drive I think the first thing thatI’m going to start out is how similarthis is to the Giulia now it’s based offof the same platform basically it hasthe same

wheelbase as the Giuliaeverything is virtually identical whichis really cool so everything is veryfamiliar to mesince I’ve been able to drive both theTI and Quadrifoglio another thing I’dlike to go over with you guys is theQuadrifoglio version of this car it wasjust tested at the Nurburgring as thefastest SUV to go around that track soAlfa Romeo has that they also have theGiulia Quadrifoglio as the fastest sedanso right now Alfa Romeo is killing itaround the Nurburgring with the twolatest vehicles that they’ve had comeout they are just killing it power wiseso moving on to the interior quality ofthis vehicle everything is just sopremium feeling with

the completelyblack leather steering wheel these verylarge aluminum paddle shifters I can’twait to put it into sport mode and showyou guys those but the black leatherseats especially again very comfortablethese side bolsters are very aggressiveI definitely know I’m not going to slidearound taking this around some mountainroads now that we’ve seen it out on theNurburgring this can definitely handleturns it’s not just an everyday SUV itdefinitely has the performance aspect toit as wellthe center dash is laid out nicely Ilove the center screen it’s nottouchscreen you have all of youruser-friendly dials located in thecentre they’re very easy to use

and nothave to look at while you’re doing themand even in the base model offered youcan get leather seats so the interioroptions that you get in this vehicle isdefinitely very impressive for the pricegoing over the visibility now with thatrear glass slanted like it is I don’tfeel like it’s too tight in here youknow I can easily see out of the front alittle bit between the a pillar and theside mirror let’s come to a stop herebrakes do really well and actually whilewe’re at a stop right now I’m gonna talkabout the engine start/stop feature thecar just shut off now on the brake I’mgonna go ahead and let off the brake carturns right back on put on the gas andI’m on my way so going back to thevisibility again obviously looking outof the front is good and you can see alittle bit over that side mirror the keypoints and your visibility is over thatleft shoulder which you can easily seeout of that rear glass and looking overyour right shoulder you don’t have toomuch of a blind spot that pillar backthere is quite large but that sidemirror will do a great job at giving

youany extra visibility there and evenlooking out of that rear glass while itis slanted I stillsee all of the road back there in anycar so it really doesn’t hinder yourvisibility looking out that rear glassmoving on to the basic comfort of thiscar using this as a daily driver it’s socomfortable right now you know I’ve onlyput a couple miles on it so far but justas the driver position you know my armsare resting on these huge bolsters hereso I’m very comfortable you know I havea good grip on the steering wheeleverything is so quiet – you don’t heara lot of road noise which is nice so Ican definitely see this being a greatdaily driver along with being able toput four of your friends in here youdefinitely have plenty of space and withthe space behind the rear seats putanything that you want back there andit’s just an overall smooth ride now Iwill get to why don’t I go ahead and getto these suspension setups who havedynamic so when you put that intodynamic everything on the gauge setupturns red that will improve

yoursteering as well this has dynamicsteering so it’s going to tighten thatup a bit so by putting it into dynamicthat’s going to give you quickertraction responses it’s going to lightenup your acceleration or actually giveyou more acceleration in the throttleit’s going to help with your braking andyour steering so the dynamic steeringthat it has will improve at higher speedperformance and at lower speeds it’sgoing to be more direct so coming aroundthat turn I can definitely feel I’mbarely touching the steering wheel andit’s going exactly where I need it to goso then we can put it into natural whichwill turn blue on the center screenthat’s just your normal driving settingand then we can put it into advancedefficiency which turns green this isgoing to be your more eco-friendlyoption give you better mpg moving on tothese standard safety features obviouslyyou have traction control you have yourelectronic stability control the hilldescent control your rain sensing wipersblaze push button start and the startand stop ignition which I showed youearlier when you come to a complete stopalong with your standard backup cameraand actually that forward facing cameraon the windshield is for your frontdetection alert system

so it has thepedestrian detection system and theautomatic braking as well so if you’recoming up on a car too quickly thatcamera can sense that it’ll bring yourcar to a slower speed if notto a complete stop so now we’re going togo ahead and put the car over into sportmode and use these paddle shifters ohman this really gets up and moves for afour-cylinder that’s very impressiveit’s not as loud as the Giulia or theQuadrifoglio obviously having a smallerengine the brakes definitely bring it toa stop but man is that quick for afour-cylinder let’s go ahead and doanother pull hereWow that’s impressive the new ZFtransmission that this has shifts abouta hundred milliseconds faster than theprevious transmission used in the Giuliaobviously I’m not going to be able totell that but man this definitely getsup and moves very impressive theperformance and handling in this car isimpressing me a whole lot today I’m Iwish I could get back on a couple moretwisty roads but just the straight-lineacceleration that this has is veryimpressive and the all-wheel-drivesystem that this car has most of it bydefault will go to the rear tires ofcourse it can transfer up to 60% to thefront tires just depending on thedriving conditions that you’re in you

know to get more traction and thingslike that so it’s a very cool integratedsystem now we’ll go ahead and take alook from the passenger side very niceblack leather again this does have greystitching which might be hard to seevery nice design running along thebehind the door handle along with on thefront – and down in the center consolebeautiful black leather seats againaggressive bolsters we’ll take one lastlook from the back I have these seatsdown so you can see it from this angledefinitely plenty of room back here sothat is my walk-around review and testdrive of the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelviohuge shout-outs again – Benson Fiat andAlfa Romeo for providing this SUV fortoday’s video definitely awesome to beable to check this out has tons ofstandard safety features and the optionto go with the Quadrifoglio I can’t waitto check out that SUV as well I hope youguys enjoyed that video if you did besure to give it a thumbs up if you’renew to the channel make sure you hitthat subscribe buttonstay tuned for more videos to come I’llsee you all next video

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