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what’s good guys Ron’s rides and we have another customer car fine right here and it is a beautiful Alfa Romeo 4c in black holy crap this looks good this spec is incredible I’m just gonna show you the inside and outside really quick customer car so obviously I’m not gonna drive it but I had to do a quick walk around for you guys to show you this beautiful 4c -just landed at our doorstep so just some quick facts about the Alfa Romeo 4c if you don’t know much about it it is probably starting around the 55,000range and can get up to the 80 mid 80 range depending on if you get the spider or not the horsepower is about 237 horse power 24 City 234 highway for gason the kerb weight it’s about 2400 and what is it like 200 mm 465 pounds for the kerb weight

it’s about 258 foot-pounds of torque for the torque now the dimensions on this believe it’s 157 inches so it’s you know I mean you can already see we’re out the back it’s a small car and with how light it is you know that horsepower doesn’t sound like a big number in most scenarios but it’s gonna let this car have some get up and go so right off the bag you’re gonna notice the beautiful black paint job but what blends in with the black is the carbon fiber on this car which is it hastons let’s just kind of go around the exterior we all know that this has a carbon fiber monocoque

I mean justjust everywhere in the headlight housing carbon fiber alright the mirrors doesn’t CF the roof done inCF all right we’re going to spin around the rear wing CF beautiful beautiful we’ve the rear diffuser right around the exhaust CF now that’s a full diffuser but right around the exhaust and they’re looking like here we have a custom exhaust on this car which I need to know how it sounds so maybe I’ll be able to get the owner to do a couple of blips for me we’ll see if I’m here when they pick it up but beautiful beautiful can’t forget the carbon intake down here on the rear each side it blend it in so I mean it almost went right over my head but carbon intake on each side there as well a red calipers here look amazing right but then what makes them look even more amazing with respect is the interior because the interior is done in red I mean incredible you have red you havethe black stitching or the black withthe red stitching hereokay carbon-fiber monocoque so we seethat right off the back because that isexposed there so you see it allthroughout them if you were to lift upthe floor mats with the 4c under it allcarbon fiber just really really reallyreally cool they have the dry carbonhere along the AC vents

aloneness pedometer here dry carbon wrapped around that as well it’s just it’s such a good contrast and and spec that I was just kind of like oh my god now I know youguys have probably seen this stuffbefore but since we don’t see them oftenI’m always in WoW when we do get achance to see them we also have aroundthe gear selects here dry carbon as wellmiss that there and then the 4c stripeis done and dry carbon right but wherethe glovebox would normally be but thisdoesn’t have that kind of storage sothere’s not really a glovebox to talkabout but jeez this is amazingnow you do have the transparent boothere so you can see that one point sevenliter engine you know it’s not reallydressed up too well but it does have theAlfa Romeo and seniya on here you’relooking at a 6-speed Auto shift manualso you know like most cars here in theu.s. you’re not getting a full manualwith this car but you get enough autoship manual you can still have some funcontrol the throttle response and goabout your day you know a lot of us willlove the 4c and manual in general I meanit’s not but there’s not a 4cm manual atall and a lot of us would like over herein the states the julia Quadrifoglio anda manual something we also don’t gethere you know so it’s just one of thosethings you have to deal with andthey make it good enough to wear it itworks and it’s still fun but nowobviously the steering wheel is upsidedown since the cars off I can’t twist itthe right side up but flat-bottomsteering will you do have your Alcantararight up top here so you have that nicesmooth Alcantara and the perforatedleather on the sides here with thestitch at the bottom so very nicecontrast I like how they did no carbonhere what it’s done just right they haveenough in the interior to kind of youknow make it make it good but not toooverdone you see the blue strip therethe reason why it’s here is that we gotwe got a tenant so that too that’s toremind the owner not to roll down hiswindows because of the fact that they’retinted and they will mess up the tent ifyou roll down those windows so wheneverwe tent a car you’ll see that stickerthere just reminding them to not rollthem down and when they can roll downthe windows now I’m not gonna do it onthis car but I did make a video on howto sit in the Alfa Romeo 4c some of youguys said I wasn’t doing it properlysome said I was but it was goofy and Idefinitely was struggling on how to sitin the 4c so if you don’t watch thatvideo go for it I’m not gonna do it onthis one I’ve done it enough to whereI’m just gonna give it up until maybeone day I get my own four seat butdefinitely check that out cuz I’m notdoing it again in this video you guysmight recognize that stow vo that cupsome still video I actually just did avideo on that so check that out as wellthat’s here it got a flat tireso he’s changing the flat and now we’reoff to this 4c I just want to see whatyou guys thought about this spec is thisone beautiful spec one of the best specforces you’ve ever seen cuz this in myopinion is sinister it’s mean it’s it’sjust a little micro mini machine butit’s just it has so much road presenceand aggression that I just like I said Isee this stuff I have to share it withyou guys so I want to know in thecomments below what do you guys thinkabout this spec and would you do you arefor seeing this spec or would you changesome things around I think this isperfect I mean like I said I’m not forblack cars because of the maintenanceI’m keeping them clean but I’mjust I would bite the bullet for thisone if I have to this is just incrediblewith that said this has been Ron’s ricedefinitely give the video a like get thevideo up get the rankings up help thechannel out and subscribe if you want tosee more Maserati out for male contentbecause I have it coming for you guysplenty of stuff coming guyslet me know if you guys like the contentwe will talk to you in the next videoyou guys be blessed peace

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