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even though the Alfa Romeo 4c has beenfor sale in the US for some time nowthere’s still nothing quite like it surethere’s a lot of similarly pricedtwo-door sports cars but nothing thatmatches the Italian design Flair thatthe 4c delivers and nothing else thatreally has the same constructionunderneath in this video we’re gonna goto the test track to see how fast thiscar goes in a straight line and how wellit corners to see if the drivingexperience can match the good looks sowe’ll start our acceleration test likewe always do in the key up settingswhere we have the car in its normal modeand an automatic this does have launchcontrol so it will be faster but we alsojust like to see you get a baseline andsee what this will do when you just turnon and let it get warm okay let’s go so the 4c the first run the keepsettings

it’s decently quick and I’d saythat acceleration time is pretty good itsure makes a lot of fuss going about itthough the clutch engagement is a littlebit long when you just mash the gas butthe noises are everywhere the feedbackis everywhere this car wants you wantsyou to know how fast it’s going in factit wants you to think you’re going alittle bit faster than you actually arethis is very much about sensation notabout the data okay so for launchcontrol we’ll put it in dynamic whichmeans pushing this lever up and thenreleasing it and then pressing andholding it until it says alpha race AlfaRomeo race connected so I’ll mash thegas with my right foot wait till launchcontrol looks like it’s working and thenrelease the brake let’s do itOh got a shift manually in Alfa Romeorace

that’s one of the few automatic ordual clutch cars of the launch controlthat requires you to shift manually nowwe try launch control ready let’s do it so we’ve got a fair amount of time offthe acceleration by using launch controlit feels like a clutch dump basicallywhen you mash the gas that goes right upto about 3000 rpm or so release thebrake and it’s just a hard release ofthe clutch that gets you out of the holequickly although it you just have tofocus at that point on hitting yourshiftsfortunately the tach turns yellow whenit looks like it’s time to shift so Iwas just basically using that as areference it’s kind of hard to read thetach because you only have 500 rpmincrements

so who knows whether theredline 6500 or 6000 I was shifting at 6I didn’t want to get into the revlimiter you’re not buying this car tosee how fast data loggers tell you it isyou’re buying this car to see how fastthis car tells you it is and it feelsway faster than it actually is is that agood thing or a bad thing it’s aphilosophical question what’s moreimportant to me is actually going fastbut feeling good about it too so the Alfa Romeo 4c is interesting carfor reasons that become apparent veryquickly on this handling track the firstthing you notice is that the steering isvery heavy and has a lot to tell youthat’s because this is a manual steeringrack there is no assistance eitherhydraulically or electronically back tothe wheelwhatever the front wheels do the wheeltells me whatever I want to do I have towrestle through the system to make it happen now the intent is this is whatdriving used to be this is what it’ssupposed to be manual steering is good because this is how cars are supposed tohandle in effect I’m not quite sure ifit works it makes for a very busysteering that requires a lot of effortand that effort can reduce yourconfidence in the car which makes you alittle bit less eager to take the linethat

you would prefer to take on aclosed circuit like this one but this issuch a lightweight and inherently nimbleplatform with a really nicely balancedchassis they’re really fun thing aboutthis is like many mid-engine cars itover steers just slightly on cornerentry and it stabilizes when you go topower SEC rates are very in gameplatform a very fun way to throw the cararound it’s something that I could doall day this turbocharged four-cylinderengine is very loud but picks up niceand quickly powerfully in low low revstraditionally a car like this would havea really PE naturally aspirated engineif it was made 10 years ago but now ithas a you know broadly powerfulturbocharged engine that allows you toget away with running a gear higher thanyou normally would they don’t eat slowercorners like this you get someundersteer

if you try to go in too highbut I got to say the platform in thismakes this for a very fun car to drivequick it’s just I longed for a littlebit more accuracy and I wish the wheeldidn’t ethical need as much effort asI’m having to put into it because that’saffecting where I’m putting this car onthis track I’m not putting it in theplaces where I’d like to because I’m nottrusting that the wheel is gonna doeverything I tell it to it may try totalk backwhen this is supposed to be a one-sidedconversation now this is a nimble carthat isn’t afraid to give up on meregrip but it does so in a way that’s nottraditional drifting it’s not powersliding it’s more of an old-school slidethey’re really small and subtle justlike that just small movements that helpthe car stay where you want it to behelping helps to turn the car in in someareas to drag right there a little bitof counter steer a little bit just tomaintain the angle and that’s excitingthat’s fun that’s the kind of excitement

I want out of a car like this what Idon’t want is the sound that this enginemakes they don’t want the excitementthrough theyou have to want the driving purity thatyou get with a manual steering or atleast the ability to brag about it butthen you have to also be ok with havingan automatic transmission transmissionshifts quickly enough but if you’regonna put your steak on having a manualsteering system because that’s how youdrive cars it’s weird to then have anautomatic all in all this is a very fun

if single purpose car that owners shouldbe cautious of and understand beforethey go try to pick out theirs we’re probably only going to talk aboutthe interior of the 4c briefly becausefrankly there isn’t much going on hereif you look down around you see a lot ofcarbon fiber and that’s because thestructure underneath the seat is allcarbon fiber they’re really proud aboutshowing that off or they didn’t want tospend the money and cover it up withmaterial that would otherwise hide thebeautiful weave they have going on herenow the interior is an expert exercisein reducing features maybe as a way tocut cost but also maybe as a way toembrace the purity of driving if youreach your hand behind the stack hereyou can actually like touch the wiresand everything that make the whole dashwork the head unit is literally anaftermarket Alpine head unit that youcan take the face plate off of and stowif you don’t want to get it stolen andthe USB and auxiliary inputs areliterally just cables hanging down froma pouch in the –

so interiorfunctionality not an important part ofthe 4c what is though is driving solet’s turn it onthere we go okay once you fire the carup the dash you see is all digital 6,500rpm redline very clearly displayed a lotof focus on making it look very showybut that’s kind of it when it comes downto the interior window controls andpower meter controls in the centeryou’ve got a toggle here that switchesbetween the dynamic settings the racesetting and the all-weather setting andthat’s really itthe Alfa Romeo 4c can be a very excitingcar to drive but for brief periods kindof like a dirt bike or a jet ski or asupercar from the 80s and that makes itmore of a toy than a car that could meanit’s the right solution for a smallamount of owners who like that sort ofexperience but for most people we thinkthere are better options for this pricewhen it comes to sports cars if you likewhat you saw keep it tuned right hereand be sure to visit Edmunds comyou

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