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this is a bugatti chiron and it iscurrently the fastest production car youcan buy it’ll do 261 miles per hour it’salso the most powerful production caryou can buy back here is an eight literquad turbocharged 16 cylinder enginethat makes 1,500 horsepower it’s alsothe most expensive new production caryou can buy the base price of this caris just a shade under three milliondollars today I’m gonna take you on atour of it now I’ve borrowed the sharonefrom Bugatti it was pretty much the onlypeople crazy enough to let me drive itbut this was organized by Grand Touringautos here in Toronto in Ontario Canadagrand touring autos is the Bugattidealer here in Toronto and they alsohave a few other exotic brandsLamborghini Bentley Rolls Royce etc andthey’re opening a new location and soBugatti lent them this car to have ondisplay for the grand opening but

that’stomorrow today I Drive it and Isincerely hope I don’t crash it anywaylet’s get to all the important stuffBugatti as you probably know has ahistory of making sports cars and racecars that goes back over a centuryVolkswagen bought them about 20 yearsago and eventually released the Veyronwhich was the fastest car on earth atthe time but the original Veyron hadonly a thousand horsepower and it couldonly do 253 miles an hour two numbersthat simply had to be bested and sothere’s this the Chiron has 1500horsepower which to be clear is sixHonda s2000 s the base price is twopoint nine nine eight million dollarsbefore options which are surelyplentiful and extravagant the turrón isalso the fastest production car in theworld available right now it’ll do twohundred and sixty miles an hour althoughit’s not quite as fast as the worldrecord edition of the Veyron which wasits predecessor that could hit almost270 not that anyone will ever

do thatspeed of course but you could anywaytoday I’m gonna take you on a tourshiron i’m gonna show you all of itsinteresting quirks and features whichare plentiful then I’m going to get itout on the road and drive it and thenI’m going to give it a dug score and formore of my thoughts on the Sheeran clickthe link below to visit autotrader.com /oversteer where I’ve compiled a list ofthe most expensive cars currently listedfor sale on autotrader.comnow I’m gonna start in front with thegrill which is a very distinctive shapethey call it a horseshoe shaped grilland it has been a characteristic shapeon Bugattis going back to the start oftime my favorite Bugatti that used itwas the EB 110 which had a totallydifferent front end that didn’t reallywork with the grill and yet theyincorporated it anyway because Bugattismust have this grill another thing Iliked up front is the LEDs in theheadlights the design of them the lookof them is very cool with these fourlittle squares on each side as a verynice look these are just the

regularrunning lights if you’re wondering wherethe lights are flickering it’s due tothe frame rate of the camera the lightsactually look solid when you look atthem in personthey don’t actually flicker when you seethis car on the street now when you turnon the headlights they come on in themiddle of the outer two running lightsturn on the brights and they turn on inbetween the inner two running lights butmy favorite is the turn signals whichappear as four light strips below theLED running lights which is a reallycool look we aren’t done with the frontof the sharone yet another interestingitem with the headlights is the welcomelights when you have the key in yourpocket and you approach this your ownthe LEDs turn on and they don’t justturn on they turn on in sort of apattern to welcome you to your Bugattiexperience the welcome lights are also alittle hard to see due to the cameraframe rate but basically as you approachthe car they first light up one at atime at half brightness from the outsidegoing in to the grille in the

center andthen they let up at full brightnessgoing the opposite direction which isreally coolalso cool with the headlights on theinside of the headlights you can seethat there is a little duct there whatif that duct do well it cools the brakesthat’s right there is a channel from theheadlights to the brakes in this car andit keeps the brakes cool to allow themto provide maximum stopping poweranother cool channel you’ll see in thefront and this year on is down here inthe bumper and you can tell this channeldoesn’t really go to anything it sort ofstarts in the front and ends right onthe inside of the wheel arc it turns outthat’s functional that’s actuallydesigned to send air in a very specificplace to minimize turbulence on the sideof the car to make it just a little bitslippery er so the car can achievebetter acceleration and high speedsspeaking of brake cooling the frontbrakes in this car are 16 and 1/2 incheswhich is just massive that’s a prettygood wheel size for most

cars and thiscar it’s the break so you can see whythey would need to be cool but back tothe grill for a minute next I want todiscuss the bugatti emblem now as youcan see the bugatti i’m limits front andcenter in the grill and bugatti saysthat this is the one part of the carthat they made unnecessarily heavy whenit didn’t have to be it’s because thebugatti emblem is made of silver but ofcourse it is it really sort of driveshome the luxury car point and next up wemove on to the trunk which is up frontnow there are a couple of interestingthings about the trunk starting with thetrunk lid itself take a look at thedesign of this trunk lid it sort oflooks like the batman logo it’s a verycool piece when it’s opened it’s verynice look now on top of the trunk lidyou can see this car is finished in thisblue carbon finish and the Bugattipeople told me it meets in the center inthis perfect 45 degree angle

and theyaccept nothing less that’s the sort ofperfection you demand when you’recharging three million dollars for avehicle next up we move on to the trunkitself now opening the trunk is donejust like a lot of other sports cars youpull a little latch and the driversfootwell that brings it to this positionthen there’s a little latch under hereyou pull it and it opens right up thereare a couple of interesting thingsyou’ll find once you get under here thefirst of which is there’s this big blackmetal divider in the trim now I askedthe Bugatti people about that and theytold me that the rule is in the NorthAmerican market if your trunk is acertain uninterrupted volume then youare required by law to put one of thoseinterior trunk handles inside the trunkso if someone gets stuck or locked inyour trunk than you can get out who godI didn’t want to add one of thoseinterior trunk handles just for theNorth American market so they added thisdivider to split the trunk in half whichdecreased the total uninterrupted trunkvolume just enough so

they could avoidthis regulation and that is why only theNorth American Chiron models have thisdivider in them now a couple of otherinteresting things you will find in thetrunk of this car one is the overallsize bugatti says it is sized to store acarry-on bag for an airplaneobviously the north american versionwith the divider in it is a little bithampered for size because the dividerssort of bisects the trunk butnonetheless that was the original designspecification now another interestingitem in the trunk you will see over onthe right side of the trunk there’s alittle sort of piece of luggagethat’s trapped in their Alcantara thatholds the tire inflator kit this carobviously doesn’t have enough room for afull-size spare tire so instead youunzip that and you get the tire inflatorkit and is designed to fit perfectly onthe side of your trunk also a couple ofother interesting items inside the trunkone of which is right above the tireinflator kit it’s a little plaque thatis

printed for every Sheeran and it saysBugatti and says where it’s built and itsays one of five hundred which by theway is the production run of thisvehicle bugatti says they’re only goingto build 500 of these for the entireworldthe other interesting label inside thetrunk is the one that says warningtemperature inside the trunk may exceed122 degrees which is 50 degrees Celsiusjust letting you know if you putsomething in there it might get hot nextwe move on to the side of the sharonewhere you can see that the most visuallyobvious and interesting item is thissilver sweeping line that sort of goesalong the entire side of the car theycall this the Bugatti line or the seelines and Fitts shaped like a see youknow it’s a very beautiful piece butit’s also functional the line sort ofseparates the rear fender from the restof the car in back which allows a lot ofair to come in back there in order tocool the engine which is obviouslyimportant for an engine this

large acouple of interesting things about theBugatti line one is that it’s this giantunbroken piece of aluminum that startsall the way down here and finishes allthe way back there it is absolutelymassive one other interesting item onthe side of the car you can see thatright behind the front window behind thedoor you have the fuel door you just tapit and it opens right up and then youcan see well actually it isn’t the fueldoor at all instead that’s where you putin oil into the engine the fuel door ison the other side the exact same sizeand shape and you open it the exact sameway but that one has a picture of alittle gas pump on it as opposed to thelittle oil lamp on the other side nextwe move on to the back of the shoromathere are a couple of interesting itemsworth mentioning I’m gonna start withthe engine itself you

can see thatprinted on the injured it says w16 onone side and 1500 on the other siderepresentative of how many horsepowerthis car has also you can see the twobugatti logos printedon the engine that’s kind of a coollittle tough one interesting item aboutthe engine though is it can’t beaccessed you cannot actually open thisto get into the engine so you can’ttinker on your Cherone by yourself whichfrankly is probably a good thing that’swhy the oil cap is over there on theside looking like the fuel cap so if youwant to add oil you can do it throughthere otherwise the engine is best to beleft to the professionals one otherinteresting item in the vicinity of theengine you can see that line that goesacross the center of the engine it goesright down the middle well that lineactually goes down the entire car it’scarried throughout the entire vehicleincluding in the interior which I’llshow you in just a minutenext up a couple of other interestingtraits back here now obviously you cansee the brake lights on either sidethat’s no surprise but there’s also thisred strip of light that goes down theentire middle of the back of this carthe bugatti people told me that thedesigners refer to this as the kissgoodbyesince if you ever tried to race Asheerown this light will give you a kissgoodbye as you see it pulling away mixedup you can see another important itemworth mentioning back here and thatwould be the wing now the wing hasseveral different positions that it canbe in right now it’s in kind of tonormal position which it’s in a lot ofthe time when you’re driving alongproviding some downforce now the car hasvarious drive modes

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