2018 BMW 740e

admin 2019-03-25 CARS 2019

now this is a fine automobile and itplugs in to I’m Chris tomorrow academicsand today we’re gonna take a look at a2018 BMW 740i X Drive high-performancesome companies use hybrid technology tosave fuel others use forced inductionBMW uses both and today it’s on the bigsedan gracing us with its presence […]

2018 BMW M550

admin 2019-03-24 CARS 2019

so hey guys welcome to another episode of pan the organizer so today I’m at my local drag strip so this is a racing circuit here in Nutt Montreal Canada and we’re gonna test my BMW m5 50 on the 8th mile track so as you all know on the […]

2018 BMW 530

admin 2019-03-25 CARS 2019

friends welcome to the stunning beauty of this sleepy town of Great Falls Virginia you and I are here to drive if there ever was a sleepy version of theg 35 series it would be the one fitted with a four-cylinder engine so you and Iare gonna put aside this […]

2018 BMW X5 M

admin 2019-03-24 CARS 2019

I’ve got to admit most of the BMW isI’ve driven lately have driven reallywell and that includes this one I’m Krismoto academics and a lot of dodging afew raindrops today we’re gonna take alook at a 2018 BMW x5 xdrive28i besideshaving a strange name our 2018 sunsetorange metallic BMW x5 […]

2018 BMW X5

admin 2019-03-24 CARS 2019

hello Lisa my name is hey Suz with BMW wichita shane mckenzie asked me to help kind of show you some of the differences between the 18 x 5 on my right hand side over here and then the 19 x 5 right over here i wanted to kind of […]

2018 Audi A8

admin 2019-03-22 CARS 2019

ever have the new Audi a8 and I knowwhat you’re thinkingis it as high-tech as a Mercedes s-classor BMW 7-seriesthe new a8 starts at 69 thousand poundsor 73,000 pounds for the long wheelbaseversion so does it have the wow factorto match its price tag there’s nomistaking that this car is […]

2018 BMW M3

admin 2019-03-23 CARS 2019

I’m Jacob here go for Drive 2018 bmw m3 CS California’s fashion nothat’s the Mustang yeah this is the coopsport but it’s not a coupe no it’s notthe only thing I could find that said CSwas Coupe sport and I believe is arodent track article so so it’s a it’s […]

2018 BMW X4

admin 2019-03-24 CARS 2019

quick what is the least expensive way toget your butt into a boomer you mightthink that it’s the two Series Sedan butand you’d be wrong it’s this the 2018BMW x4 the luxury subcompact crossoverfrom Germany that I have found to bequite an intriguing little vehicleduring my time with it the […]