2018 BMW 430

it’s not very often that my colleaguesand I disagree on a car and when ithappens it’s a little difficult becausenever easy telling a friend they’rewrong this is the BMW 4-series refreshedfor 2018 with a new front back and a fewupdates on the inside this is the 430 Iit’s the base […]

2018 Ford Flex

expedition Maxxboasts 36 cubic feet behind the thirdrow making it the superior choice forhauling people and their stuffaesthetically speaking the interior hasan upscale vibe especially on therange-topping platinum trim check outthat stitching premium materials extendto the second row but in the back seatshard plastic dominates on thefunctionality front the cabin […]

2018 Chevrolet Corvette

I justexpected there to be a little bit moreespecially after testing the newexpedition this seats themselves they dorecline they give you the ability torecline but they don’t slide forward andback and I kind of thought that itshould to give second row passengersmore space if there’s nobody in thethird row so […]

2018 Chevrolet Suburban 3500HD

big jobs means big equipment like thisbad boy from John Deere right here nowyou’re not gonna go out and spend over ahundred thousand dollars on somethinglike that and put it behind any oldpickup truckwell Chevrolet says that they offer themost confident answer for heavy haulingwith its 2017 HD lineup and […]

2018 BMW 430 Gran Coupe

Oh what is of you guys gold Pony here todayin the 2018 BMW 430 I Grand Cru courtesyof Apple BMW in York PAfirst impressions right off the bat Ihave to say the steering wheel grips arebolstered much thicker and I am lovingthat but before I get too much into itlet […]


how’s it going everybody my name is Johnwe are here at canals BMW and todaywe’re going to be taking a look at theall-new 2018 Alpina b7 we’re going to begoing over all of the differences anddetails that set this car apart from theregular g12 7 series I’m going to startby […]

2018 BMW 640

now welcome to another episode of let’sroll out ladies and gentlemenI always thank you for the time that youchoose to spend with me today we are inthe BMW 650 grand coupe and I wanted totouch in some of the things that I don’tlike about this car now everymanufacturer tries their […]

2018 Audi RS 3

the Audi q5 is a compact luxury SUV thatdoes pretty much everything well wecould leave it at that but in honor ofMiss Davis my high school Englishteacher used to always say mr. Museoyou’re not looking deep enough let’s diga little deeperfirst the fawning praise interioremerges top-quality materials with acrisp modern […]

2018 Buick Regal TourX

if you don’twant to use the Android auto button carplay your audio information here you cansee all your presets arethere you can change you know your radiosources if you’d like by pushing theradio button you have your XM HD radioam/fm all that stuff you kind of expectwhen you put the […]

2018 Ford F-250

padded right here with yourelbows in arrest the actual release forthe door handle or for the doors arevery strange you actually put your handin here and then push this to open thedoor which is different it definitely ittook some getting used to at first Ialso really like the cutout here […]